Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Terrain Tuesday 3 - Coaching Inn and Stables

Hi All,

This last week I've been working on the Coaching Inn and Stables from White Dwarf 143. Since I still can't seem to locate my physical White Dwarf magazines I was able to find the terrain articles and a repository of a magazines in pdf form out in the wilds of the internet. Let your conscience be your guide.

I had built the majority of this model back around the same time as the Barn and gotten slightly farther in that I had managed to glue the base roof pieces on top. As you can see my angles don't quite line up.

After doing the tall roof section I realized that it, and the Barn roof, have an issue with the first course of tiles. So I've decided to cut a thin, 1 - 2 mm strip, to put along the bottom edge to get the tiles to look right. The other challenge with this roof is the valleys. I looked at some pictures of actual flat tiled roofs and I think I understand how to do it.

I want to say that in the past I used Super Sculpy to make the rock for the chimneys on the Cottages. The article says to use DAS and I actually have some, so I will be giving that a whirl. One thing I may try is making a tealight forge. I saw an example in one of Tony Harwood's guides. "Models for Wargamers: Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3" A link to Tony's blog here.

I need to have a think about how I'm going to do it. I want to do things a little differently than as shown. Probably stupid. I t wouldn't be the first time.

I'm also intending to deviate from the original build article and use some of this active mesh to simulate window leading.

Lastly, since I am focused on my Bretonnians at the moment, I thought I would give the Inn a French name. I scoured the internet for fantasy Inn names and came up with a short list. The one that seemed the most fun, without having to cringe if ladies or small children were present, was The Clumsy Troubadour. So Le Troubadour Maladroit it is.

On a final note. I finally reopened my Mighty Fortress. I'll be working on that semi simultaneously. I've been having trouble finding info on how it was done in the past, I did find a few interesting articles on what people did a few years ago with some old sets. I'll share that in a future post.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I'm glad your getting these out and cracking away again on them. They are gonna look great!

    1. Thanks Airborne. I'm hoping to get these done for my OWAC army picture and Oldhammer in the Desert.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, I hope it will look even better when I get all the bells and whistles on it.

  3. Those angles aren't that bad mate. Should see my mum's 500-year-old farmhouse. Half the doorjams are wonky, yet it still looks fine. :)

    Always wanted one of those castles - lucky sod.

    1. Hi Dai, thanks. Yeah I'm glad I bought the castle back before I had other commitments that kept me from spending my money how I damned pleased.



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