Saturday, March 10, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 227 - Knights and a barn.

Hi All,

I was having a conversation the other day about finding more sets/ pieces of the original foam Mighty Fortress and the idea of painting what you have before buying more of the same came up. There was also a side discussion about buying versus building and what materials make the best terrain. Those are sides to the main idea here.

I broke out some unfinished models that I had started 1990ish before I got bogged down in college and drifted away from the hobby.

First up though, lets look at the figures for this week.

Not as far along as I'd like but I got the knights cleaned and assembled. I also primed two of the cannon crew and the two laborers. The gunner needs a little bit of putty to fix a nasty mold line in his helmet. As I told you previously, he seemed to have a mismatched mold half or something. There was a significant mold line and a difference of about a millimeter in height on some parts.

I also brought out some Foundry Rogue Trader models and even some plastic Blood Bowl Orcs (not pictured).

But then I got a tad distracted by terrain.

The barn from a White Dwarf Article. I've carted it around in a box between four states for the last 28 years or so.

I finally started putting a roof on it this week. I did start to equivocate about making playable interiors but then decided I had been putting things off for too long. So I'm gittin er dun!

I'll be posting a build log at some point.

Happy painting.


  1. The barn is looking good mate. One question... would not the timber work for lifting material into the loft sit *above* the window?

    1. Hi Millsy, thanks. In real life maybe. In the photos that came with the article it came out of the opening as I built it.

  2. That barn is coming along nicely.

    What do you use the plastic pallet knife for?

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker. I have a job lot of plastic palette knives for putting spackle and texture gel on things.

  3. Plastic BB orcs as in from the 2nd Ed starter set? Cos those were gawd awful sculpts! Ha!

    That barn is looking all kinds of sexi so far mate.

    1. Hi Dai, not sure if 2nd or 3rd ed Blood Bowl, but yeah, chunky plastic orcs.



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