Sunday, March 4, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 226 - Knights, Ordonnance and random stuff

Hi All,

Still can't seem to find the time or energy to post to the blog as much as I'd like. I meant to schedule this post for Saturday, but didn't have time. I was at a track meet for about 12.5 hours yesterday because our team had the concession stand.

On to the table.

Cleaning up the Bretonnian artillery crew and basing them. There was a lot of flash and the gunner appeared to have the mold halves mismatched as there was a millimeter height difference on one side of the mold line in some places. You can also see some of the plastic knights horses that I had a dust up about on facebook. More on that later.

Pulled out some Foundry Ex-Citadel Sci-Fi figures to spice up the paint queue. Finally sawed the nubbin off the back of the space suit head guy so I could put a Dragon Forge backpack on him.

The two Reaper figures and the two C02 Wizards that stare at me accusingly.

I also started cutting bits off the sprue for the Pegasus Chemical Plant and put some Spackle on some old cardboard river sections I started back in 1990.

Beware, Rant below:

So, facebook. As you know I'm doing this army challenge where we are painting up 200 points worth of troops according to either 3rd edition or 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It has been a real challenge for me as I normally paint at a glacial pace and get very nit picky about things that people may never even see.

One of my plastic horses is horribly miscast. I'm not sure I can fix it to a level I would be comfortable with. So I took a picture of a good copy and asked on the Oldhammer in the New World facebook group if anyone had one they could spare.

Apparently my picture of the good one caused some confusion, as people seemed to think that the water droplets from cleaning were the miscast I was speaking of. I then tried to show a side by side comparison of two of the same model, one good and the miscast one that had been cut off the sprue. Problem solved, right?

For some reason a guy, who I did not know and had never seen a single comment or post from before, seemed to be questioning my hobby. Whats wrong with the model? Why can't I just sand, file, putty it? Isn't this just all part of the hobby? To me it came across as trolling.

So I fired off a response that was snarky, to be fair, but that I tried to not be super confrontational. I asked him who he was "in the hobby" and why he came across as so condescending. When he first commented I didn't recognize his name so I looked him up. 6 months in the group and two pictures in his profile, nothing whatsoever to do with the hobby.

Apparently "in the hobby" was a trigger for him because he wrote a paragraph tirade in response, showed a picture of his floor to ceiling collection and then blocked me. According to him his responses had been that he was offering to show me how to sculpt the missing parts of the caparison or look through his massive collection to find a replacement for me. Nothing he said in his original posts gave me that impression, but I can't see it now to verify.

I sat on his response for a little, as I didn't want to inflame things more and tried to think of a way to be conciliatory, we seem to have misunderstood each other etc, but by that time he had me blocked. I did fire off a response just to tell my side of it that may also have come off as a little snobby because I referenced people whose names everybody knows as an example of who I'd take criticism from.

The point is, I'm not opposed to people teaching me things in the hobby. I know my skill set is limited and I could stand to improve in all areas. I also understand that I could have just asked if anybody had a spare horse, the reasons why I needed it were superfluous and only seemed to confuse several people. What I will not tolerate though is somebody I do not know and never heard of being a prick. Perhaps he didn't mean it, perhaps he thought he was being helpful. It came off as mild trolling.

So there you have it.

Happy painting.


  1. Hi Sean ! Very interesting models there. I'm looking forward to see them painted !

  2. Great looking miniatures! Waiting for more :)
    best regards

    1. Thank you Michal, always more in the pipeline.

  3. Ah, the "Great Plastic 1980's Horse Debacle of 2018". Sod 'em mate. So many people feeling secure behind a keyboard and with little to no social skills outside of this venue - just not worth even explaining your actions or posting intentions to.

    Am everso jealous of your 2000AD minis collection and anticipate good results once paint is applied. You seen that Warlord Games are going to release their own 2000AD rules set in the near future?

    And those wizards... Lovely collection mate.

    1. Thanks Dai, I have a lot of gems hidden in my collection. I just need to paint them. :(



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