Monday, July 31, 2017

WFRP 2nd Edition - Terror in Talabheim (Eat, Drink and be Merry)

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Failing to paint anything this week and having anxiety dreams about balance between hobby and real life. We did manage a game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This is the previous session. The following are a semi prose version of the notes taken by B. Rees.

J. Brisken has also been busy, so we don't have any of his awesome artwork for this post.


As the three Skaven attack, Sally draws his sword and falls back, Lukas and Leopold each draw two weapons and stand their ground. Eladio draws his rqpir and readies his pistol, while Vincent and Genaro each ready their Weapons. Leopold, Eladio and Sally are each attacked by a Skaven. Eladio fires his pistol, but it explodes in his hand.

Sally strikes with his sword and draws his club. The Skaven dodges the blow. Lukas jumps in to help Sally but misses, the Skaven narrowly misses Sally and then is stabbed in the leg by Vincent. Leopold misses his foe and takes a nasty gash across the chest for his trouble. Genaro tries to help Leopold, but misses. Eladio strikes his opponent, who shrugs off the blow, but is distracted enough to drop his own weapon.

Screaming “Cazzo di Ratti!” Sally delivers a savage cut to the Skaven's arm. Lukas follows up with an all out attack, burying his hatchet in the rat man's chest, killing it. Leopold's dagger hits but does not taste flesh as the foul wrappings of his foe turn the blade. Leopold manages to dodge his opponents attack. Vincent lands two blows on the Skaven attacking Leopold, hitting it in the arm and the ribs, killing it. Eladio and his opponent lunge at each other ineffectually. The group gangs up on the last rat man and kill him.

Eladio quickly leads the group down another tunnel and after thirty minutes they stop to rest. He gives the group smocks to wear to pose as dye workers. They exit the Taalbaston from the Ratholds and go down into the Tallows section of Talabheim. It is a dangerous, sprawling slum. Leopold manages to find some thief signs saying “this way out” and the group makes it to the gate uneventfully.

At the gate to the Merchant's District the group is charged 1 penny per leg, so Sally pays 9 pennies since Genaro is missing his foot. The guards eyeball the group, but Genaro manages to suppress a cough and they get through. As they make their way through the merchant's district, Vincent sees an Imperial Dwarf selling weapons. Sally buys a blackjack for 9 gold and Leopold buys a cavalry mace for 12 gold. [It seems that Leopold having his club shattered by the Skaven did not make it into the notes. He was distraught at losing his grandfather's club.] Sally gets a tip from the dwarf that the group should stay at the Three Apples Inn. It is owned by a Halfling, Wanda Three Apples.

At the Three Apples the group is assaulted by delicious aromas wafting from the busy tables and kitchen. A young halfling seats the group at a table and brings them omelets, rye bread, spiced honey water and milk. Sally pays the 5 pennies each from the war chest. This is probably the best they have eaten in weeks. Sally gossips with a nearby merchant who tells him that Captain Nierhaus has committed suicide. Sally buys a bottle of fine wine for 2 silver and shares some with the merchant. He then makes a deal for two rooms and board for 20 silver. He and Genaro will share one room while Lukas, Vincent and Leopold share the one next door.

The group goes upstairs to their rooms and Genaro has a coughing fit and collapses into bed. Everyone sleeps heavily until the following morning. At breakfast Sally talks to Wanda herself who serves them delicious strudels. She recommends the Apothecary Daubler near the Dragon's Den by the North Gate. Before leaving Sally makes a deal with her to let us stay for the whole week for 3 gold crowns. He asks to let Genaro sleep, as he has breathed in some dye and is ill. After that she serves us white bread, boiled eggs and porridge. The group, minus Genaro, head off for the North Gate content.

As the group makes its way through the city the see the city guard out in full force. The guard is stopping many people, checking papers and looking for any sign of illness. They are derogatorily called the “Bulldogs” due to a poorly drawn wolf emblem they wear.

There is a long line of wealthy merchants waiting to enter Daubler's Apotecary, the “Rusty Remedy.” Once inside the group meets Daubler, energetic and in his late 40's, and are led back to his study. Sally produces Gothardt's note and Vincent explains how we found him and the books he was using at the time. Daubler immediately closes his shop and sends the remaining customers away. He says that this disease is similar to the “Pale Shivers” that infested Miragliano centuries ago. At that time it was not fatal, the “Grey Ague” is a newer, deadlier strain. The group hands over the small vial they believe to be antidote and Daubler says it will take him a few days to replicate it. He gives Sally a medicine for Genaro to inhale and recommends warm baths and biting leather during shivering fits.

While they are in the area Vincent and Leopold press the group to go to God's Row. They first visit the Shallyan hospice, Leopold is healed of his severest wounds, but they cannot help Vincent. Sally puts 5 gold into the box and crosses his fingers to Ranald. Next the group heads to the temple of Sigmar. Leopold finds a young, sensitive, priest who blesses his weapons. He tries to see if he can locate Deadeye here, but is unsuccessful. Sally and Vincent pray at the altar and donate 5 silver each. Lukas remains outside, not liking to be indoors.

So there you have it. I hope to have more for you soon.

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