Friday, July 28, 2017

Great ideas!

(One's I've had that were executed much better by somebody else.)

Hi All,

We may remember the stalled project of magnetizing all the Galactic bastard heads that never materialized before JB did his awesome version here. I see it's been almost two years since he finished this. I need to get the lead out, literally.

The other day another languishing project came across my radar. The D&D Idol lit with LEDs.

So here are the videos from Dr. Faust.

I bought the Otherworld version of this quite awhile ago. (Looks like almost 3 years ago.) Ever since I bought it I had been thinking about adding an LED effect to it instead of doing the OSL fire as shown in the shop photos.

As usual I got worried about how to actually implement this and let indecision take over. I thought about recasting the separate hand and bowl piece so I could recover from any mistakes carving out the sculpted flames. Problem is I have never cast anything so got cold feet again.

After watching these videos I'm not so sure I want to to do LEDs anymore. What to do with the battery and circuitry is another problem and the issue of how to model something in the bowl to represent flames was not fully resolved here.

I have not been super productive this week and am pretty worried about finishing anything for #BeerMaW.

I also am seriously dragging my feet on the Oldhammer Zine, it feels a little aimless and bloated at the moment and all my ideas seem like crap. I'll some how muddle through, but it's not coming together like I'd hoped or at all like the first couple of issues did.

Thanks for looking.

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