Saturday, July 22, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 194 - Bbblllggddp and Bob

Hi All,

I keep on hoping to post more than once a week, but right now it's all I can manage. It was week 3 of the #BeerMaW challenge. I figured I could do these two for this week.

Bbblllggddp and Bob are old citadel Fishmen that are currently sold by Wargames Foundry here. The idea was to paint them up in basic colors with orange spots, like koi or oscar type fish. I maybe went a little too simple with them, but I wanted them to not be super fussy.

I wanted to show you guys this picture, the first one I took, because it illustrates the problem that I see in a lot of miniature photography. Absolutely everything in this photo is the same as the one above except for one thing. The light spot in the background is behind the figures in this shot. The problem with this photo is that the light background behind the figures has made them appear dark as the camera tries to compensate. So many people use a white background and then don't touch up their photos to fix this darkening. But I digress.

All blacks, greys and "whites" used.

Blue's for the belts, straps and gloves. Red for the eyes. Dark brown wash for all over.

Two varieties of Burnt Orange for the spots.

Brown, reds and tans for the maw and teeth.

Metallics used.

For the next week I'm going to try and finish some started figures.

I may not do these ones yet because...

I'm over a year now on finishing these for Curt and Dave B.

Wish me luck, and thanks for looking.


  1. I like these they are pretty cool looking minis. Nice scum to have hanging around your starport.

    1. Thanks Simon, I got them when foundry released a bunch of ex citadel sci fi stuff.

  2. Very nicely done on the fishmen. :)

  3. Cool old sculpts that make for some fun Muties or Xenos. I like the orange markings.

    My pics are always crappy cos I have no patience to learn to do better ones! ^_^

    1. Thanks Dai. I like to try my best to show my figures in their best light, but it really is not an essential part of the hobby. Just do what you do and enjoy it.

  4. Nice, I like the fish men and look forward to seeing the others finished. I wouldn't mind a copy of that ash-waste-nomad-lookin dude, where is he from?

    1. Thanks Ryder. He's a Colony 87 sculpt. Jon Boyce is the man to contact. They've been kickstarters, I don't know if he has them for sale outside of that.



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