Saturday, August 5, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 196 - Chochtoxtoc, Slann Merchant

Hi All,

This week has been odd. Fatigue mixed with 7 nosebleeds in 4 days sort of set the tone. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to get my nose cauterized, but I made it through last night without choking on blood. No idea where this latest round came from. As a kid I got a lot of spontaneous nosebleeds but haven't had one since high school. The last nose bleed I even had at all prior to this was when I landed on my face after being thrown in San Soo class, and that was several years ago.

On to the figure.

So here is Chochtoxtoc, Slann Merchant. You may recall his fishmen bodyguards from last time. Once again the main impetus to completing him was waffling on color choices. I was going for a poison tree frog scheme that was a little different from the green tree frogs that dominate the internet.

Here we have the state he was in a couple of weeks ago when I planned, and failed to finish him and others for Week 4 of the Beer Miniature a Week challenge. I seem to be consistently off schedule by a day, but I'm calling him my week 5 entry. I'll try to have next weeks done by Friday.

I also wanted to welcome Jason Berman to the blog. I'm sorry I didn't notice when you started following. If you have a hobby blog you would like me to link to, just let me know.

And lastly, before I forget, I used the Lizardman Name generator from Fantasy Name generators here. I also found a web archive link to one from the GW store here, but I didn't like it as much.

Happy painting.


  1. Argh... I hate nosebleeds. I get them myself on and off, typically when I've had a cold or the air is very dry. Hopefully this is the end of them mate!

    Really like this chap. The skin marking are very cool.

    1. Hi Millsy, yeah the nose bleeds suck. We're in monsoon season now so have high humidity for us right now. Perhaps I haven't been drinking enough water. Thanks, the skin markings seem to be a popular feature on facebook.

  2. What a superb figure! Simply brilliant. No other adjective necessary!



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