Saturday, August 26, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 199 - Imperial Guard and Bones figures

Hi All,

Well this week didn't see me complete anything. Time waits for no man. But I got fairly far with the first squad for my Imperial Guard unit.

I see a few missed spots here and there. Mostly shades of grey and black on these. If I was a smart person I would have primed them in the base uniform grey color. But I'm not that smart. There were also some spray primer issues that had to be resolved. I had intended them for BeerMaW week 8 but couldn't get them finished. I can't seem to get a lot done these days, I think the heat spiking back up may have something to do with it.

Not so much found as relocated. As I've mentioned, I've been cleaning up so I don't appear to be a crazy person to my in laws. I had put this in a box and then piled other stuff on top of it. I then realized that I could do some terrain pieces for quick BeerMaW entries. September is going to be super busy for me and I may fall way behind. This resin piece is from Dragon Forge in their terrain section.

I also got a couple Oxidation Beasts and a bunch of Ankhegs to throw into a fantasy or Sci-Fi scenario. I'm thinking as random encounters for the Ambull scenario. Sorry about the blurry pics. They were rushed one evening and I didn't realize they were that bad.

I placed my order with Mini Monsters and used the coupon code from Mario to essentially get free shipping. I'll share pictures of the products when I get them. I'm excited about these as they have some neat stuff for reasonable prices and shipping.

Happy painting.


  1. Great work Sean ! Same here , I don't get anything done. I usually paint around 20 mini's and now I don't even reach half that number.
    I'm curious what you ordered , I hope you will be as happy with yours as I'm with mine !

    1. Hi Mario, thanks. I am a very slow and inconsistent painter, so not having something finished is the norm for me. I will post pictures of what I ordered when it arrives.

  2. I like grey and black guard. Seems more practical.

    Never heard of mini monsters, they have some really cool pieces. Stop tempting me to buy stuff!

    1. Hi Dai, yes it seems to fit well with my conception of a drab hive world. Sorry if I'm enabling you.

  3. All progress is good, right :-) ?

    1. Hi Hugh, absolutely. I just need to make sure they end up in the finished pile, not the various stages of started pile.



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