Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I won from Doug.

So here are a few shots of what I won from Doug's giveaway on Doug's Land of the Dead.

Two Studio Bergstrom Sing-On Praetor Pocket Destroyers

Six Irregular DY06 Generic Standard Attack Fighter

Twelve dime store plastic ships that will be fun to paint up.
So under the terms of the giveaway I won $10 worth of miniatures. After much agonizing I couldn't resist some faux Klingon vessels. Doug was really cool and threw in the flight stands, fighters and plastic ships. Should help me get up and running with some space battles soon.

And yes. There is a lot languishing on the desk, thank you very much. More painting, less talking.


  1. Sean forgot to mention that the fighters have already been primed too, though he can easily strip then if he wants. though I wouldn't since those things are tiny, I can easily fit 4 of then onto a US penny with some space left over.

    Sean, Glad you liked the extras I threw in. Wasn't sure how many of the plastic ships I threw in. I know I am planning on using the Saucers as part of some space station builds, either the central core or an elevated command section.

    Also don't worry about the desk, my work station is messier right now, though I do have a bunch of lava rocks for use as Asteroids and what not(ships waiting for the glue/epoxy to cure before priming) on it with the glue/epoxy to part of the flight stands (right now using the clear ones that come with the Mongoose/ADB Star Trek ships that have a ball and socket type mount, you can see the mount in the pics of Zerloon Casino on my Starbase ARC blog ), have the sockets attached, need to let then cure at least over night it not longer. Now all I need to do is find some storage solutions for the ships and the asteroids.

    Can't wait to see how your Spaceship project comes along.

    1. Yeah, thanks again Doug. I won't strip them but perhaps try to clean up one or two casting marks on the nose.

      I'll have to look more carefully for the ball and socket mount. I know some people also use magnets.

      I'm not sure what to use the plastics for, Fighter Command or Star Navy.

    2. I didn't even think of using the plastics for Fighter Command, then again I don't have Fighter Command yet. The triangular dart nosed ones (Blue and Yellow) and the wider cockpitted ones (yellow and orange w/ 2 guns on the front) I can definitely see as some Fighters in FC. As for the fighters I didn't even want to try and bother with the flash on the noses due to how small they are, I figured if I did I would end up doing more damage to the fighter and my finger then it was worth, yeah I am a Klutz.

      Again can't wait to see what you do with them. BTW your honorary mention post is the next one to go up on Starbase ARC, it should be up here in the next couple days.

  2. I love the klingon ships, one of my all time favourites the old bird of preys!

    1. Glad you like them Fran. Yeah the old birds of prey were fun. The update of the Klingon's in Wrath of Khan forward were smart to keep a similar look.

  3. Nice gifts ! I like the larger destroyers !

    1. Thanks Sam. At a little less than 1" I'm not sure how large they are.

    2. According to the Studio Bergstrom website they are 3/4"L x ~1"W x 3/16 to 1/2"H

      They are some nice little ships too, I am planning on ordering some for me after having them in my hands for a short while and seeing how nice they look. They had very little if any flash on them. The ships I got for me you can see where it looks like Drew of Studio Bergstrom cleaned the flash and mold lines before shipping.



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