Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm a winner! (Not to be confused with Weiner)

I won the prize over at Doug's Land of the Dead and will receive $10 worth of figures of my choice and get to have something from his Sci-Fi campaign  at Starbase Alpha Romeo Charlie, named after me. Pretty sweet.

Hopefully my luck will hold for some of the other giveaways going on at the moment.

Here is the Weiner reference. For those of you who don't know, he's the guy who resigned from congress after texting pictures of his johnson to some chick. The Post is a worthless rag, and I never read it when I lived in NYC, but they always had the best headlines.

And welcome to two new followers:

Matthew Raevis I don't see a blog listed in your friend connect.

James Brewerton of Exiles Wargames Painters, who is having a pretty nice giveaway of his own. He also has two other blogs, Akrotiri Nomads Wargames and The Wonderful World of Mackie and Toddy.

Off to figure out why I didn't see the most recent of Doug's posts.


  1. Well done, Sean. It's always nice to win something! I went through some years of plenty, but of late have won nary a sausage...

    1. Thanks Prufrock. Yeah I had been pretty disappointed with my luck of late. Perhaps just a bit too avaricious.

  2. Congrats Sean, I've been quite lucky myself lately!

    1. Thanks Fran. You, Ray and Anne seem to be having a great run of luck. Must be the reward for clean living. ;)

  3. Very many congratulations Sean.

  4. Congrats with the win Sean!




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