Saturday, June 15, 2013

Birthday and Father's day Loot

Hi All,

I feel like I'm falling behind on all the great stuff that is going on with various blogs right now, so I thought I'd write a short post about what I've been doing and some upcoming plans.

First off my wife and kids got me Munchkin Bites and Munchkin Cthulhu for my Birthday.

We just played Bites and it was fun. The puns are pretty goofy. I thought my wife and kids would like it because they like the whole Evolution/ Twilight war between the Vampires and Werewolves thing. My son won easily, with coaching, while my wife and I floundered around doing nothing.

I bought myself The Walking Dead and Rocksmith video games. I had read a review of the old walking dead game somewhere after reading that the new one was not very good. The old one is tense and filled with hard choices.

The Rocksmith one is interesting in that I get to plug my guitar, and bass, into the Xbox and play along with popular songs. The interface is similar to Guitar Hero/ Rockband in that the strings are color coded and the notes cascade toward you. Forgetting where your hand is on the neck can become problematic. Right now I've only played two songs in dummy mode and it reminds me of playing "easy" in the other games. You play select notes while the song is blazing away and it doesn't feel like anything they give you is actually on the beat. Hopefully it will get better as I go along.

I still have a gift card from Amazon burning a hole in my pocket, I'v got my eye on a Charles Grant title and some other things.

I also received my prize from Doug over at Doug's land of the Dead, but it is so cool it deserves its own post.

If I were to do a post line up it might be:

Doug's Prize: What I won.
Thoughts about ACW on the eve of Gettysburg.
SWC Bloggiversary giveaway.

(Line up subject to change as the next thing takes my fancy)

PS- I may be doing another complete overhaul of the blog design. But that is for another post as well.


  1. Hehehehehe I know what the Doug's Land of the Dead prize post will be, at least what the prize portion of the post will be. Hehehehehehe

    1. Yes you do Doug. I hope to get that posted today.

  2. Very many happy returns and Farther's Day - rock on dude! ;)

    1. Thanks Michael. Looks like pancakes for breakfast and then a trip to the gym. Hopefully I can eek out some hobby time today.

    2. Hmm maybe that should be eke.

  3. Sounds like good loot; Happy Birthday to you. (I'm still having difficulty seeing comments on your blog, though. Had to reload this 3 or 4 times before they appeared :-( . For what it's worth, I'm using Firefox 20.0.1)

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and taking the time to comment Hugh. Paradox0n told me it may be an issue with the javascript not getting to you like it is supposed to. Now that I know that I will work to change the blog again. It may take me awhile as I already spend way more time on blogging than the hobby.

      PS- I had to refresh the page three times myself just now to find that I had wiped out my reply to you.

  4. Forgot to mention good score on the Munchkin games. I have Bites, along with Munchkin (with 2&3 and various boosters), Zombie (with 2&3), Apocalypse, Star (with 2&3). Impossible and the Good The Bad The Munchkin. Cthulhu is on the list of versions to get.

    I have had to refresh the page a couple times since the new sidebar layout was initiated too in order to see comments.

    Looking forward to seeing your post on what you got in the box from the contest prize.

    Either PapaSpanky's Honorable Mention port or your Honorable Mention post over on Starbase Alpha Romeo Charlie should be up here in the next day or two. I may wait and unveil yours after Spanky's.

  5. Yeah Munchkin is great fun and I love listening to the Munchkin Land podcasts, they're very funny.

    We just played Cthulhu and the boy won again. He still needs a lot of help to read the cards but he's making pretty good game play choices.

    Cool about the Starbase arc posts. I meant to get more work on the post today but lunch etc ate it all up. And yeah the dynamic views are starting to rub me the wrong way.



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