Friday, June 28, 2013

Rum winner is...

Asslessman from Leadplague.

Thanks to all who entered. Asslessman, please email me your particulars. You can find it in my contact info. I  have decided on a color scheme for the birds of prey. I'm thinking of going Wrath of Khan green with a bit of brown/ rust to pick out details. 

Sorry  I have to rush off now. Had some weird connectivity issues from last night into this morning and it's put me behind schedule.


  1. WOUHOU ! ♫ \o/ ♫

    French speaking people will understand by my nickname that I'm no lucky guy usually. This time it seems the winds were blowing the right way for me !

    Thanks a lot to Sean (just PMed you btw) for organising such a contest and taking the time to share his space with beginners on this blogworld of ours. Much apprciated.

    Like I said before, since I got my eyes on your page, it's always been a pleasure to come and discuss of all sorts of things in a mature an highly enjoyable way.

    Future is always ahead of us but it looks very promising with people like you around...



    1. You're welcome Asslessman. Let's hope this is the start of a string of good luck for you. Glad you like my blog and I hope that there will be more interesting and useful stuff for you here in the future.

  2. Happy blog Birthday Sean!

    And congratulations to Asslessman (very clever name that).

    1. Clever I don't know, but an easily identifiable one for sure...

  3. Congrats Asslessman! and thanks Sean!

  4. Very many congratulations, a great prize to have.

  5. Congrats to asslessman, I haven't won anything in weeks.



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