Friday, February 15, 2013

This week in Talomir #6?

I forgot to number at least one of these, so we'll just say this is number six. Lord Uhtred is injured but Godwin carries the day.

You can read about it here.

Of course there are no painted figures, I'm still struggling to actually sit at the painting desk. I did make some progress last weekend in cleaning my desk though.

Trying to utilize an unused keyboard tray.
So a mixture of figures in varying states. The gray ones are at least primed, although I realised later the horses should have been primed in black.

I also went to the craft store and got some supplies for doing some basing and terrain and some paints for ACW and more peasant type attire.

The paint was on sale (25% off) so 2oz (59ml) for $1.04, not bad. The air dry clay was $9.99 for 10lbs. the best deal I could find, and was inspired by this post from Terrain for Hippos. I don't know why I hadn't caught on to his use of it before this. The mesh and the sculpting tools were just an impulse buy.

I hope to have another report up soon about some play testing I'm doing, set in another portion of Talomir. Now I have to get ready as we are taking the kids to a parents night out activity at their karate school while my wife and I go out to dinner.

I'll also tell you later how two and half hours in the dentist chair on Wednesday made me feel like a feeble old man.



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