Thursday, February 28, 2013

March 2nd is Old Stuff Day

I saw this over at Creative Twilight and thought it would be fun to dredge up an old post that maybe didn't get much love the first time around.

It's a little short notice, but if you have one in mind you want to re-read perhaps with even a follow up or expansion. Please let me know.

 Closing in on 30K views. I've also done some more priming and will be putting together some pictures of new basing I'm going to try with the modelling clay.

Commenting more has taken some effort, but I am enjoying the increased dialog. One thing I will be doing in the near future is making sure that I follow back all the followers of the blog. For reasons that I don't even understand I did not follow all of you back. That was rude of me and I will make sure to remedy that going forward.

Thanks for following and commenting. Hopefully I will get my latest physical issue resolved at the chiropractor tomorrow. I'm not sure what happened, but yesterday I woke up with a sore groin/ pelvis. It's hard to say really because it seems like it moves around. Mainly today it felt like someone repeatedly kicking me in the pubic bone.

Take care.


  1. Hi Sean, I hope you get better...
    thanks for the info on "Old Stuff Day," I will also try to scavenge something from the beginning of my blog.

    1. Thanks Ricardo, yes only now I have to decide which article to choose. Two come to mind. One is totally me and the other is about someone else. I'm leaning toward original material.

  2. Ouch, that doesn't sound very comfortable. Hope you get that sorted quickly!


  3. Thanks Aaron. I have a standing chiropractor appointment on Fridays but I'm going to call up my general practitioner when they open as last night was torture. Up at around 2:30AM and second night of sleeping on the sofa with various pillow wedges. Not cool.



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