Saturday, March 2, 2013

Old Stuff Day

I saw this originally mentioned over on Creative Twilight who credited the idea to Warhammer 39999. But the first concise explanation I saw for what this is was on The Wargaming Site.

"On this day, each blogger can go through their history and find posts that they’d like to shake the dust off and present again to the community at large. Some suggestions for content that would be good to post: 

* Posts that you considered special that didn’t receive as much attention as you thought they deserved
* Content that people liked in the past, but haven’t seen recently 
* Posts you might have created before your site received much traffic, and now deserve to be reshown
* Or any content you’re particularly proud of!" 

So here are my entries:

Flag Ripple Tutorial Series

How to Texture a Flag for Ray Part 1 the one that started it all, only got 42 views and the comments were that it was difficult to understand.

Flag Ripple Effect Video Tutorial was my attempt to show in realish time how to do it. I thought it might be clearer. Only 24 views and a "worst ever" review on Youtube for my efforts. See what you think.

Alternate Flag Ripple Tutorial actually got 71 views so as such was fairly popular by my blog standards. It took a question about possibly doing the ripples from a source image of actual rippled fabric. As it turns out it is a better way to do it. I was thinking of making another video on this method, I'll edit it to be concise, and perhaps a listing on TMP.

Maps of Greyhawk

Did you play AD&D? Did you stomp around the Flanaess slaying Giants and whatnot? Or did you just spend hours looking at the old Greyhawk maps and Gazeteer? Well prepare to have your mind blown by the truly awesome maps of Anna Meyer!

Fabulous maps of Greyhawk only got 23 views. Now it is quite possible that you all have just seen her stuff already. LOOK AT IT AGAIN. But seriously, she is constantly updating the maps and releasing them free on her website Fantasy Maps by Anna B. Meyer. If I had any gripe at all it would be that these are all post Greyhawk Wars. But that is just sour grapes because that passed me by when I stopped role playing. (Basically 1985).

Boardgame Resources

The Boardgame Resources wasn't really much of a post so it only garnered 17 views. Too bad really because the stuff on the site I linked to is really great. For this one I'll make you go and look at my post.

Don't overlook Cthulhu

Again The Cultist wasn't much of a post and only got 13 views. It was essentially a reblog pointing to a youtube video that had been a submission for a Strange Aeons competition. The video is quite good and really got me enthralled by the idea of setting up my own Cthulhu campaign. I still haven't done it, but I hope to this year.

Well that's my look back at Old Stuff. I hope you enjoyed it.

And just a note about turning over a new leaf blogging wise. I have righted a terrible wrong and followed back people who followed me over the last year plus. As I said there really is no excuse, just a thought at the time that I wanted to stay on task with my own blog. I've since come to realize that my interests are so all over the place that there really is no point to trying to compartmentalize on blogs I follow. I will however, still try to restrict the blogs I follow to game related as much as possible. I also think that active blogging (ie more commenting, replying etc) is driving more traffic to me. I could be wrong but there seems to be a slight up tick.


  1. Bloody hell! they didn't get many views at all????? I'm gutted for you!

    1. Don't take it too hard Ray. I haven't taken a look at my average view count but I haven't really worked to hard at getting views yet. I'm trying to follow your example but I'm still the apprentice, while you are the master. (I hear flattery also gets you page views.

  2. Want to pump your page views? Write about THW or TFL products and then post a link on the respective forums. Want comments? Say something bad about said products. :^)

    At the bottom of Question on Tactical Exercises Post has the most hits of all time, yet it is a response to a question on another post, which has very few hits, comparatively. Go figure!

    1. Yeah that was one of the suggestions. Voice a strong opinion and let the comments commence. As I recall it was mostly over a misunderstanding of your nuanced approach to solo and efforts at really having an AI for the NPG. I'm enjoying your writing about Finite State Machines even though I know nothing about programming.

  3. Nice selection of posts, Sean. I was aware of the flag ripples tutorial but not the other two. The Cultist short movie is really impressive.

    1. Thanks Ricardo. Yeah I thought it was quite good too. Thanks for taking a look at it.



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