Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Succumbed to X-Wing

Well after reading about Tamsin and Nick buying themselves some new expansions for X-Wing I broke down and bought it over the weekend.

As usual I stalled the kids until I could read the 4 page quick play rules and we played last night after finishing homework. I played the Rebel Academy pilot in the X-Wing while my son played the Academy Pilot in one TIE Fighter and my daughter the Obsidian Squadron Pilot in the other.

It was a little tricky for my 7 year old son to grasp the concept of getting into position to fire but my daughter really worried me as she managed to keep me in her sights an uncomfortably long time. Add to that my total crap rolls and I missed many opportunities to score damage.

We had a little trouble maneuvering around the 2' x 2' playing area and had to fudge some moves to keep the kids in the game. Aside from shooting both my kids down, the highlight for me was when I shot down my son and he still seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the game. In the past any loss has been met with tears and tantrums, no matter how much I try to convince him that I almost never won any games as a kid. lets hope this is a big milestone.

Anyway I think we're on for a rematch tonight, maybe even using the two add-ons I bought yesterday, the Y-Wing and TIE Advanced.

Also, speaking of gaming with kids, Bob over at MC Monkey Dew's posted a little set of rules he made with his then 4 (now 10) year old son. I'm going to try them out with my kids sometime soon.

Welcome to new follower Chris Kemp. If you have a blog please let me know, I didn't see one in your Friend Connect profile.

And watch this space for more X-Wing action. Darth Tater will crush the rebellion!


  1. Tears and tantrums, sounds like playing a game with Fran!

  2. I was surprised when I saw that Tamisin had bought this. I've dared her to paint up Fantasy Critters now (don't think she'll do it).

    How great is it that you're kids are into gaming. I wish my daughter would play with me.

    Happy gaming

  3. Hi Anne, thanks for taking the time to comment. My daughter is hit or miss. We try to stay flexible with her and allow her to leave games if she gets bored. She stuck with this one.

    Since I'm not a member of a club or part of a gaming group, my kids are it. It helps to vindicate all the space I'm taking up with my old wargames and miniatures which I collected between the ages of 12 - 25. Wow I never really looked at that number before. I really have been out of the loop.

  4. Must admit I love the x-wing game, glad you got the kids involved. Your daughter sounds a lot like mine, seems to have a knack at shooting me down in these sorts of games.

    1. The boy seemed to spend most of the time flying away from me while my daughter managed to get in behind me a couple of times. If I didn't know better I'd think they were baiting me.

  5. I suppose that's it's fun to play a game with your kids!
    They didn't really try to paint figures but I suppose that painting for painting is a "game" for adults!

    I'm not a gamer...

    1. I was just painting some orcs and my son asked to help, but I still want him to work on priming first. It's just nice to have the kids enjoy hobbies with you, whatever they are.



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