Thursday, March 14, 2013

Superhero SFX tokens

Just a quick post of some superhero sound effects I whipped up earlier today. After reading about Kaptain Kobold's adventures with some Batman rules here.

These could be used to mark disruption. There isn't really any design work to them. I found them as svg files on Just the word put on a 1" square.

Any comments on improving them are welcome. It's all just for fun.


  1. And obvious way of marking hits for a classic 1960s Batman game - great stuff.

  2. Nice! I note that you've used mostly red and yellow; was that a conscious choice? There's a good selection of prototypes here, if you're looking for further inspiration:

    Side note: I've had difficulty finding the 'Comments' section on your articles - something to do with Firefox not liking the blog layout, perhaps? Are you aware of any issues here?

    1. Hi Colgar,

      The red and yellow is just what was available. This was minimal work by me. I definitely will look up your resource, as I was stumped at remembering the "Bat Fight" words.

      Thanks for the heads up on the comments. Someone else mentioned that once but did not mention which browser they were using. When I got into blogging I switched from Firefox to Chrome. I'll go back and check my cross platform functionality.

  3. For a few more of this type of thing try Iconian Fonts (

    For starters it's an amazing site with lots of very good fonts, particularly the dingbats section, plus it has just this sort of thing as fonts, and quite a lot of them.

    1. Thanks CS,

      I'll go check iconian out. I also found a couple of interesting comic book links which I'll share.



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