Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pure silliness

Okay, so what with the new Pope being named Francis and all, I couldn't resist.

Te Absolvo!
I will say that I never noticed that the Pope had such a bewildering array of hats.

Now to continue this is a bit of a non sequitur but is at least partially related to wargaming. If you follow Ross Mac over at Battle Game of the Month then you may have read about his adventures in plumbing. This next item, in addition to a colorful vocabulary, should be an essential part of every plumbers kit.

I suspect it works on Wargamers crack as well.
Perhaps this will be on the back of next years Posties rejects shirts?

And finally, I'm already worn out from all the "active" blogging I've been doing.

This thing with google reader will certainly make it more difficult.

I know there is a special place in hell for me. I'll save you a seat.


  1. Jaysus, he's gonna kill us both! I'll save you a seat in hell because something tells me I'll be getting there a few minutes before you!

    1. Well at least I'll be in good company.

    2. Oh yeah, you guys are in trouble.

      Though I do confess, when I heard the pope's new name, I did think of our Lurker.

  2. He's gonna want us to bow at him soon!!! Great pics and what a great idea for a new Reject shirt!!

  3. I thought you'd like that Ray.

  4. You and Anne are definitely going to be visiting the guy downstairs! :)



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