Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Child Labor

Got some more figures primed with help from my 7 year old son.

He did the horse in the middle, Bugbear to the right and Orc with the big axe. He also did the wolf rider until he some how knocked him off his blue tacked bottle cap. My semi permanent basing may be showing its weakness with the metal figures especially.

 He did a fairly good job, I just followed him and touched up the puddles and areas with lack of coverage and then finished off the bases while I painted the two archers in the background.

Looks like I have a secret weapon for winning the Analogue painting challenge next year. ;)

I was hoping to find a clip from the movie Zoolander with the part where they show him a cartoon about allowing children the age old right to work. But alas there is nothing except juxtaposed with some political commentary.

Also got in some more "Land Battle " play testing for an RRtK supplement. It went well but the record keeping needs to be streamlined on my part. These are all the regular campaign rules, I'm just losing track of my scribbles in the notebook.

Gotta rush off for another football game, the last of the regular season. I'll post again soon.


  1. My girls love doing this as well, though they tend to prefer a more colourful palette!

    Nice one!

  2. I'll have to try this cheap child labour on my two youngest, this could be a very bad idea though................

  3. It's really hard not to micro manage. The way he loaded paint on the brush, the pooling of the primer on the figure, it was hard to pull back. I just tried to encourage him and go over the figs after he was done, showing how to get missed spots and remove excess. He moved on after awhile and we had some fun time together. I still can't let go enough to let him actually paint yet. But I'm working on it.



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