Sunday, September 23, 2012

Put yer back into it! (Bold plan pt3)

This is how I'm feeling at 0:37 or so.

So yesterday saw my son's flag football team win 32 - 6 and precious little done on the B.P. so I resolved to knuckle down and get on with it.

So the Orcs are all mounted on washers and the Wolfriders are pinned glued and on washers. the main infantry were spackled and textured. The wolves will get the treatment tomorrow. I also determined that I will use magnetic business cards as bases/ movement trays. 3.5" wide by 2" deep is about double my current card bases, so we'll see what that does for my battle board. I was thinking that the infantry would be 3.5" x 1".

The Treyine army has been cut off the sprue, but needs to be cleaned up and put together.

Front middle is the Foot knights, 2 Minart German Knights 72011. Lord De La Warre in pink from Zvezda English Infantry of the 100yrs War 8060. I haven't decided what to do about the standard bearer. There is one in that set but I want to make the Spear of St. Lindorf banner, so I may need to convert another figure. To their right are Sir Alaric Fithugh and Dansforth the Mage, both from Caeser Advebturers Fantasy 104. The next row are the Infantry. 1 entire sprue from the Strelets Military Order Warriors M012 and four added from Strelets Medieval Levy 2 M006. The mass behind them are the 30 archer figures. 21 from  Zvezda English Infantry of the 100yrs War 8060, 3 from Zvezda Medieval Peasant Army 8059 and 6 from the Airfix Robin Hood A01720. To the right of the last row of archers, in brown are the Arquebusiers from the Orion/ Dark Dream Studio Landsknechts DDS 72002. Then the Hykar cavalry skirmishers played by Strelets Turcopoles 090. In the final row the knights of the White Company (including Geoffrey Chambers) Minart German Knights 72011, Tropilium Equites HaT Imperial Roman Praetorian Cav 8067, Eskelin Knights HaT El Cid Spanish Heavy Cavalry 8213 and finally 4 Goblins from Caeser Goblins Fantasy 105.

I like all of the figures. The HaT Romans and the Airfix seem a little small alongside the others but I'm sure they'll blend in fine. The Goblins are a little more whimsical than fearsome. None of the figures are armored and a few have bombs to throw. There is also an over abundance of wiggly knife blades. In the future I wonder if I could use 15mm Orcs for goblins.

I also realized I had signed up for a terrain competition that ends this month. When it rains it pours.

Soldiering on. Wish me luck.



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