Friday, September 28, 2012

Failed miserably (B.P part 5?)

Well, I think it's time to face the fact that I have failed miserably in my bold plan to get off my ass and play a game with actual painted figures.

I have a lot of excuses, but minimal results. I will classify it as a success in one regard though, I actually put paint to brush and got a lot started.

What did I accomplish?

I got 35 orcs cleaned and mounted on washers. 10 still need primer, but 9 actually have a flesh tone base coat, woohoo!

For the human (Treyine) side I have cleaned mold lines from 26 figures. Out of the 70 some odd I can now see that there is no way I can finish those, base them on washers and fight out the battle and write the report by Sunday.

So what now? Well I think next is to print out the paper army of Naz-Goth, set up the battle and duke it out.

Although I failed in my stated goal I think there were some positive accomplishments by giving myself this deadline.

First I came up with a plan for priming, basing and color blocking the figs. I intend to use Black primer for evil and viking/ saxon figs to give a dark grungy look. For the regular human forces grey primer and white for the elves/ goodie two shoes types. For the wizard I was going to prime in brown, not sure what difference that will make.

Second, I came to the conclusion that I am a brush on primer kind of guy, I just have no control over the spray can. I bought some great, compared to my previous one anyway, black acrylic paint by Americana called lamp black. Sam had noticed how shiny my previous one was and it turned out that it was a metallic black. The difference in coverage is amazing.

Third, while I am improving I still struggle with cleaning up the flash and mold lines on the plastic. Some of them just don't scrape off cleanly. So I've developed an alternate shaving technique to go with lateral scraping.

Fourth, I made a spear using Paul's method here. I used a a small sledge for the anvil and a hammer. The wire I used was a little hard so I had trouble making as fine a point. I do have some floral wire and I will try that next. It was in fitting the spear that I figured out I needed to clamp my items in place to get super glue to hold right.

When I get a chance I'll document this with pictures and hopefully it will help those of you who may be in similar circumstances.

And before I forget I read this great post from Chicago Skirmish Wargames here about filling your own paint dropper bottles. I feel like I need to do this for my various paint mixing projects and to stop wasting paint because of lack of control from the craft paint bottles.

Battle report next.


  1. I hope just because you won't be done for Sunday you don't get discourage. You got a great start and I hope you get them finished!

  2. Perhaps you aimed a bit too high?? But never give up, you'll get there in the end.

  3. Thanks guys. I definitely aimed too high, but it was a challenge I needed to give myself to break out of the indecisive rut I was in. I'm not giving up, but I do have to shift focus to the actual battle and subsequent report.



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