Friday, September 21, 2012

Orcs of Naz-Goth (Bold plan pt2)

So here we are a few days later, and while not great, progress has been made.

All 35, 39 if you count the wolves separately, figures have been cut off the sprue and some attempts made to clean up flash and mold lines. The seam scraper I purchased from megahobby turned out not to be as useful as I hoped. I'm sure it's great for aircraft fuselages and ship hulls, but it isn't appreciably better than using an exacto knife. In some cases it is worse.

On with the units. First up 5 stands of Orcs. Each base has 4 figures that are supposed to be lightly armed and armored. They are mostly from Caesar set Orc Warriors Fantasy 106 with a couple of figures from Dark Alliance Orcs Set 2.

Brown ones are Dark Alliance, all others Caeser.

Next, 1 stand Dire wolf riders. 4 figures and their mounts. These are the old Ral Partha sculpts that I purchased from Iron Wind Metals. They were recommended by EY here. I only bought the one set so shipping was too much, but other than that I like them. The riders are borrowed from the Dark Alliance Orcs Set 1. I cut their bases of and will use a rotary tool to help them sit down a bit. The armor represented is heavier than I want but these figures have wide stances so were in less need of conversion.

Haven't bored out the crotch yet

The 2 stands of Archers. These are classed as skirmishers and so only two per base. They are from the Caesar Orc Warriors Fantasy 106.

Lastly the Black Orc stand. These are from  Dark Alliance Orcs Set 1 but the standard bearer is from Caesar Orc Warriors Fantasy 106. The Dark Alliance orcs have the armor I want but I liked the Caesar standard bearer better.

I like the one on the right for the General.

One thing I will note is that the Dark Alliance figures are harder to clean. The plastic tends to look ragged and fuzzy after scraping. This leads me to believe that trying to clean the mold lines on them is probably not worth the effort.

The Bugbears are from Splintered Light minis. I originally read about them here. I had forgotten that EY had extended their legs. So they are shorter than envisioned in D&D but I think they work fine. I just wanted to have something other than a proxy. The Ogres are very nice as well. I think that they would probably be of the desired proportions with 15mm. These are advertised as 20mm Fantasy and as such feel a tad small next to the Orc figures. I still like them and will use them without modification.

Nice looking if a tad small.


Again a tad small but will do and they look cool.

So there you have it. Way behind but making some progress. The final figures for the Treyine army also arrived so I'll detail them later. 9 days left to pull it all together.


  1. I like the Dire wolves and their riders, they should look very cool when painted up.

  2. I have a medieval-fantasy project in mind, have been working on terrain and figures for a couple of months now. This post helped me greatly. Thank you :)

    1. Glad it could help you. Your work has also been inspiring to me. That is what I love about blogging, random ideas that help eachother game and model better.

  3. Nice looking figures. I am looking forward to follow along with your progress.



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