Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another RRTK Battle report over at Talomir Tales

Hi all,

  Just posted another report over at Talomir Tales here. I was seriously procrastinating on this one. I briefly thought I had thrown out all my terrain in the latest spring cleaning, but found it and got stuck in. The game was fairly quick and went well except for one or two things I did wrong. The counter charge by Treyine was a mistake but it just sped up the inevitable.

Welcome to Archduke Piccolo writer of such blogs as Emperor vs. Elector, Vive L'Empereur, and Archduke Piccolo. I was originally turned on to him by Bob Cordery from Wargaming Miscellany to look at his Marnon mini campaign here. Good stuff.


  1. GREAT AAR (charging an hill is never a good idea ;) )

    1. I think both I and the Seniirans just subconsciously wanted it to be over.



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