Sunday, January 8, 2012

Talomir Campaign – Blod Orn (Blood Eagle)

Following in the footsteps of TalomirTales, Javier at War, Chroniques du Fort Bastiani and HalfwayStation; I am starting a campaign set in the Two Hour Wargames setting of Talomir. This is a fairly stock Fantasy setting with Elves and Orcs, Good and Evil etc. In it I will try to tell the story of Hemming Wulfgarson, an exiled noble from Mirholme, using the Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures (WHAA) rule set for his adventures. For larger geo-political events I will use Rally Round the King (RRtK). To help drive the story I have been using a combination of Mythic Game Master Emulator (Mythic GME)1 and random tables from Age of Fable, as well as other random generators from around the web. I'll try to point those out as I go along.

As is usual for any project I do, I have gotten so far ahead of myself without even playing that I have become bogged down in minutiae. So to reign that in I am, more or less, following what they are doing over at Talomir Tales. To that end I am focusing on that portion of Talomir referred to, by some, as Norwes. This will include the countries of Mirholme (Vikings), Altengard (German Imperialist), Capalan (Italian Condatta) and Tereken (Irish in the rules but Saxon for me).2 Therefore I can use the Viking and Saxon figures I already have (still unpainted) and concentrate on amassing only two more somewhat similar armies.

So the first issue to resolve is the Army List for the now Saxon lands of Tereken3 . I could use the one from Talomir Tales here, but I am not sure about having so many mounted. Age of Blood has some provision for mounted Nobles and another Army List for WHAA for the Anglo-Danish armies of 1066 has 6% chance for mounted Huscarls. However, the brief blurbs I skimmed about Hastings (and Stamford Bridge for that matter) make no mention of Anglo-Saxon cavalry and if anything only mention that some Huscarls rode to battle and then dismounted to fight. This same WHAA Army List has a 9th century Saxon list which includes no cavalry. I'm leaning towards this as I want the Vikings and Saxons to be roughly equivalent.

So I shall endeavor to post AAR's and a more story like telling of the tale in subsequent posts. Nuts and bolts, game mechanics and figure sourcing, as well as general thinking out loud will be separated into their own posts so as not to totally destroy the narrative.

Well it's off to online traffic school for me, I've put it off for almost too long.


  1. I first read about Mythic GME on The Old Dessauer's Table. It was a great blog and seems to be out of action at the moment. The impetus to actually start using Mythic GME came after reading this series of posts on Solo Nexus.
  2. Again, blatantly taking this from Ruaridh over at Talomir Tales. I also cannot find any Medieval Irish figures in my preferred scale of 1/72.
  3. Interestingly enough a Google search for Tereken turns up the Belgian (Flemish) town here.

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  1. Can't wait to see you campaign get kicked off. Which reminds me I should really get back to my campaign..



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