Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon

Not much to post. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Year of the Dragon. 恭喜发财!

I have been able to get Space Hulk to work on DOS Box 0.73 for some reason it won't work on 0.74

Now the main problem is I get ripped to shreds be Genestealers. Oh yeah, Soul suckers in Star Crusade are Genestealers, not Tyranids. Shows what I know.

I did play another Star Crusade mission, this time with the Ultra Marines and was doing okay. The one exception was a marine with the flamer being vaporized by a booby trap. The real problems came when I went into the main room only to find a dreadnought. The graphic of the smoking boots of my heavy gunner was whimsical, but it all went downhill from there.

The main thing I need to figure out for that game is how to make the AI quicker, most of game play is sitting around waiting for the computer to do its thing.


  1. And a Happy year of the Dragon to you too! Can't say I've ever said that before??

  2. It can be a bitch with these games....



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