Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tereken Army Lists

Here are the charts I made for the Tereken forces. On the top is the RRtK chart and the bottom is for WHAA. In making these I had noticed that the RRtK stats of other nations overlapped similarly with WHAA as far as the recruiting rolls and force composition.

Tereken Alignment Tech Mana Defense Realm

(9th Cent. Anglo-Saxon) 0 -1 1 1 Tribal

Motivation National Morale Battle Tactics War Rating Recruiting Rolls

Loot 1 A -1 12

# Unit Type Class Rep AC SP Figs Cost Rec Rolls Total Fig Source
1 Hirdmen – Elite Foot Melee 5 4 1 4 40 11, 12 40
2 Select Fyrd Foot Melee 4 4 0 4 32 7, 10 64
5 Fyrd – UD Foot Melee 4 2 -1 4 20 5, 6, 8, 9 100
2 Skirmishers Foot Skirmish 4 2 -2 2 8 2 – 4 16






Tereken Alignment Army Type

Twilight A

Unit Type Class Weapon Rep AC Move Rec Rolls Hardiness CV Notes

Hirdmen Melee Various 5 4 6 11, 12
2 Elite Trained

Select Fyrd Melee Various 4 4 6 7, 10

Fyrd Melee Various 4 2 8 5, 6, 8, 9

Skirmishers Missle Various 4 2 8 2 – 4

The column for figure source is something I have added for my own use as I try to decide what figures to use for each troop type.

Right now I have a box of the IMEX Saxons:

The review on Plastic Soldier Review can be found here. The IMEX and the Emhar are exactly the same, the IMEX can be found for less $.

Thanks again to Ruarigh over at Talomir Tales for responding to my query over at the THW yahoo group. I'm still mulling over the Defense value and terrain implications for both Mirholme and Tereken. The rules state that the Defense value of a country is not just terrain but the ability of the country to conduct guerilla warfare. It is also factored into recruiting rolls. And lastly, the recruiting rolls show seem to be for one off battles and do not fit the formula given in the Campaign rules ie R.R. = # of Provinces + Defense + Tech. I am treating this number as a stockpile of resources, men and political will to start the game. I am also considering the concept of banking unused recruiting rolls.


  1. Glad to see things are coming together for your campaign. Looking forward to seeing some of your figures painted up.

  2. Looks interesting, looking forward to see the Saxons painted up!

  3. And you can add the Airfix Robinhood figs in somewhere ;-D
    You will find them a bit smaller than Imex /emhar but I´m planning on mixing them with my saxon Hird, they need virtually if any conversion.



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