Saturday, February 4, 2012

Viking figures - WIP

So finally I started cutting out and assembling some of the IMEX Vikings. I decided to go with six to represent the characters of the first encounter I have rolled up for the WHAA portion of my campaign.

Leif Yngvarsson, Gunnbjorn Yngvarsson, Yngvar Ormsson (background), Oleg Vikarson, Fafnir Svafrlamirson, and Hemming Wulfgarson.
You may recall that Hemming and his cohorts were named using the Age of Blood naming tables. Yngvar and his sons were named using a list from Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion. Both can be found as Inspiration Pad files (.ipt) here.

I have glued them to fender washers using PVA and used Loctite Gel super glue to attach the fiddly bits. Using fender washers sort of nullifies the savings of using plastic figs but I did it for two reasons. Firstly, I can't bring myself to use legal tender as a base. Second, I hope to make magnetic movement stands for use in non skirmish situations.

A little  20 year old Flex Paste
Next was a coat of Flex Paste, still good after it's last use circa 1991. I wanted to build up the base slightly and help the PVA hold the figure down to the washer. I already had popped Yngvar off his washer when I tried to glue the shield under his hand. I went with PVA because I want to be able to rebase if I hate my basing scheme.

Next is some base texture, then undercoating. I'll let you in on the gory details of trying out a twenty year old can of GW spray primer for the first time. I used to brush on primer in the old days.

I've also got to get cracking on some Saxons, I'm just not sure if I want to roll up the force first or just paint a bunch up. I also put in some multiple orders the other day, but more on that later.

Welcome to Ernie of Ancient Miniatures, a nice blog about Ancients in 1/72. He has been painting up a storm and getting quite an army. His friend profile doesn't have a link to his blog, but I recognized his avatar. Also welcome to winttrix of The UltraModern Warrior, a very talented young modeler and painter. Keep up the good work.


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome :) And thanks for linking to my blog :)

    I will be looking forward to hearing more about you figures and gaming :)


  2. Great start. Looking forward to seeing some of them painted.

  3. I like the names :-D And I'm also looking forward to see them painted!




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