Friday, February 17, 2012

Let me be the first to welcome our new Robot Overlords.

In response to rants from Ray of Don't Throw a 1 and Fran of The Angry Lurker I am shutting off the Captcha thing. I have not had as many problems to date, but since my audience definitely skews toward the bifocal crowd it behooves me to make things as easy as possible to interact.

Here is a video of Flight of the Conchords performing "The Humans Are Dead":

And the music video version:

Maybe this will boost my readership in New Zealand.


If you can't figure out how to do it at first, like I couldn't, here is the link. Or just the text of the best answer:

"Unless DarkUFO knows of a way on the new interface, there isn't one. You need to go back to the old interface to turn off word verification. From the new Blogger dashboard page, click the gear symbol under your profile picture and select "Old Blogger interface." On the old dashboard page, click on "Settings" then click on the "Comments" link below the tabs. That will get you to where you can unselect word verification. Click "Save Settings" at the bottom of that page when you are done. there is a link in the upper right hand corner of the old dashboard page so you can get back to the new interface. I hope this helps."



  1. Nice one Sean. Did this this morning when I went back to the old interface.

  2. Thanks for the explanation for turning it off. I hope I did it right :)

  3. Thanks for checking up on my blog. Btw I like your post title.

  4. Apologies for missing this but the blogroll wouldn't work for a while, Captcha was bloggers fault not yours Sean!



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