Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blod Orn – Prologue

  The sky began to lighten as Hemming Wulfgarson readied his pack for the long trip ahead. His fathers old Huscarl, Fafnir Svafrlamirson, was sharpening his axe while the young Bondi, Oleg Vikarson, thanked the Farmer for his hospitality. Hemming's head swam at the thought of how he had gone from inheriting his fathers lands to exile in just two short seasons.

  Wulfgar had died from age and illness in the Summer of 985. Hemming had taken over as Jarl and his brother Dag had inherited a few farmsteads to the north. Hemming remained a loyal supporter of the King, Haakon Thrandson, and all was well. This continued through the fall and winter of that year and it wasn't until shortly after the new year, in the Spring of 986, that things all began to go horribly wrong.

  First the King had died suddenly and without an heir. All the Jarls were quickly called to the capital and the factions began to jockey for support. Hemming had sided with the Jarls of the Western Province in backing a distant relative of King Haakon. Those from the East backed the Grandson of the King before Haakon. They were at an impasse and it looked as if the country would be torn by civil war. It was at this point that Aun Bjarnisson pulled Hemming aside. He said he had a way to make a deal with the Eastern Jarls but he needed Hemming to go a get Odin's Godi, Stakard Svafrlamirson, to quickly coronate the new heir before they had a chance to change their minds. In order for this to work, Aun explained, Hemming's brother Dag would have to be present to cast his vote while Hemming brought the priest.

  The road had been hard and Hemming had been waylaid by bandits, but two days later he brought Stakard to the Council chambers. It was then he learned he had been duped. Aun's sly tongue had fooled him and preyed upon his brothers sympathy for the Eastern Jarls. Dag had cast the deciding vote for the candidate of the Western Jarls. They then claimed that Hemming had kidnapped the Godi to prevent the coronation. Rather than further shame his family name or challenge his beloved brother to combat, Hemming accepted the penalty of exile.

  Now he would follow the winds to fame and fortune and cut a swath across the fat belly of the decadent southern lands. If he could make it out of Mirholme alive.

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  1. Very good intro. I look forward to seeing where this campaign will go!



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