Friday, January 20, 2012

Star Crusade

After being inspired by brutpaul's 5150 post here. I decided to do a search for Space Hulk, Star Crusade and Doom games. What I found was some abandon ware of the old DOS games for Space Hulk and Space Crusade (also known as Star Quest in Europe). Space Hulk still won't run but Space Crusade did after some finagling and forum reading.

The mission started off great, I was coming upon individuals an overwhelming them with firepower from my squad from the Imperial Fist Legion. However when we ran into a large room with doors to either side, we ran into trouble. A soul sucker (Tyranid) was in one of the rooms and the other room had assorted gretchin and ork. Suddenly my combat rolls were crap and the soul sucker was unbeatable in hand to hand. I tried to fall back to a corridor and lay down some cover fire, but was swarmed and died a grisly death.

Fun, but frustrating when your rolls suddenly go bad when you need them.

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