Friday, December 28, 2018

Where we've been in 2018, where we're headed in 2019

Hi All,

One of those year end posts that everybody loves. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

In 2018 I:

  • Painted 100 items
  • Finished and played with my Bretonnian Army
  • Went to Kublacon, Monolithcon and got in a game in Sacramento.
  • Wrote 18 comic reports
  • Actually built some terrain (I still have woefully little)
  • Actually played a game at home with my son (WFB 3rd Ed.)
In 2019 I'd like to:

  • Finish my Undead Army for OWAC2
  • Paint my Renegade Warband that I've rolled up
  • Paint a Slann Kill Team
  • Build more Terrain (Especially finish that dang Coach House)
  • Paint up IG for a local (Phoenix) Rogue Trader Campaign
  • Get back to cataloging stuff for the 100% painted challenge
  • Go to BOYL2019
  • Go to Monolithcon 2019
  • Maybe some other Con
  • Finish my expanded campaign map and play out more games in that world
Unfortunately I cannot go to Kublacon in 2019. We have a family trip that we postponed last year and it was rescheduled to conflict with the con, so guess what takes precedence. It's all good though.

Welcome to Dark Knight, thanks for following the blog. If you have a hobby blog, let me know and I'll add a link.

Thanks for looking and commenting. Happy New Year.



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