Saturday, December 22, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 268 - Undead and IG

Hi All,

Still unpainted, but slightly more assembled this week.

Here is the 1000 points arrayed. Nowhere near as far along as they should be. Oh well.

The Command section I'll be adding to my existing IG squad for the local campaign I've been invited to. I'm trying to ridge the gap between the compendium and 2nd Ed 40K IG lists with 2000 era figures. Above is the medic, Lieutenant, banner orderly and Lascannon team.

This is the squad they will join. I painted them last year. I will swap out the Vox Caster for a guy with a grenade launcher.

Thanks for looking, happy painting and happy holidays.


  1. First Happy Holidays !
    Great looking army of undead. I'm looking forward to see you paint them and view them from a bit closer. There are some great looking models.
    Also looking forward to your Imperial Guards. The painted guy's look fantastic !

    1. Hi Mario, thanks. Happy Holidays to you too. I will have some closer up shots of the models, I just have to post them on the OWAC blog first. I'm going to have to figure out how to fit the IG in while I'm painting for that competition.



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