Saturday, April 7, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 231 - Must stay focused

Hi All,

Well I had to take my Mulligan in March. The track meet and the Easter Holiday just sucked up my time and wore me out. Minimal progress this week, but closer to the end. I'm starting to feel the pull of other projects and got sucked into the idea of adding a War Altar, but on to the pictures.

Pretty much finished the highlighting. Need to do their mouths but I was getting confused as to who had their mouth open. As I age my vision has gone very weird. I have been near sighted all my life, but have recently found it increasingly difficult to focus in my normal near range. I had to break out the optivisor to confirm who was close lipped in this bunch. The check pattern is still a tad wonky, but I'm going to go with it. It's a toy, not a museum display piece. The horse flesh needs to be painted and the models based. Similarly the field gun needs some more work. Not shown is the baggage train and additional camp followers. I'll use the two laborers as part of the five and then some Reaper Townsfolk for the other three.

While I was looking for things to make my baggage element I found the various wagons and Carts that Richard "Orclord" Hale gave me. These had apparently been damaged in shipping to him and he gave them to me to help with my caravan scenario. Which of course I had also forgotten about. I believe this and the other things were painted by John Blanche. I want to do my best to just restore them and mount them on sturdier bases perhaps.

As I start to lose focus and think about the Caraz Lumbar scenario from the Siege rule book, I refound the plastic toy I want to use for the giant. I need to shave off some mold lines and I'm not sure if I'll strip, just spray primer over the current paint job or just paint directly over it. Decisions, decisions. The Mantic Dwarf casualty is just there as a lark. I found him looking for the Reaper Townsfolk Monk figures I want to use for the Bretonnian War Altar. No luck finding them of course. Benoit is there for scale.

My Uscarl squats also arrived in the mail, along with Jason Lye's sci fi Slayer figure. The guns on these seem a little flat, so I've ordered some autoguns from Maxmini. I also ordered some accessories for making the war altar. The Eureka space apes and gibbons were also thrown in there because I had originally meant to do Ape-ril. Gah!

Last, but not least, I started putting my Ambull scenario figures into the Battlefoam cases I bought. As per usual the stock trays don't always organize the figures the way I would like. I may use JB's technique here to make my own instead of buying more. Funny how you become aware of relevent posts after you make a big purchase. Oh well.

Happy hobbying everyone.


  1. Some very interesting stuff there Sean. I love your Bretonnians , love the donkey cart & love the cyclops giant. I'm looking forward to more progress & what you're gonna do with the giant.

    1. Thanks Mario. The plan is to finish those Brets, finish up some terrain so I can take a nice Army photo, then keep going with the figures and bits for the siege game and all the other stuff.

  2. I like the look of that giant! Where did you get him from? If it were me I would just spray over the existing paint after scraping the mold lines.

    1. Hi Millsy. I got him at Michael's, it's a craft store here in the States. I believe he is made by Safari Ltd. I think I paid around $10 for him. It was an experiment because I was having trouble finding reasonably priced Oldhammer Giants. Then I moved on to something else. Scrape and spray. Got it.

  3. What Mr Mills said regarding the giant. He'll make a good looking Oldhammer alternative I think with the right paint job.

    Mmmm Squats. I never get tired of seeing those plucky stunted grumpy buggers.

    1. HI Dai, thanks. Yeah, I want to do the Squats, but I started basing the Apes and Bret camp followers. The Uscarl Squats need some assembly, so it's a bit touch and go. I'm also waiting on an order from Max Mini.



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