Saturday, December 16, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 215 - Still Bretonnians and I learn something

Hi All,

Some progress on the Bretonnians this week. I laid down base metal leather and flesh and then started on the surcoats.

I've decided on the colors to use for the knights, I'm going to use combinations of Blue, Red, Yellow and White on these guys. As you can see I started on the two knights on the right. The blurry one is half blue and the one with the axe overhead has a blue bend.

I still haven't totally considered what I"m going to do with the heraldry colors for these guys but I was going to use some greens and ochres on their clothing because they are peasants.

When doing the knights I had some questions about how to do the surcoat for the bend and found out I had been doing my half and quarter wrong. As you can see from the illustration, the divisions look the same on the front and the back. I had always continued the color around the body, so the division would appear reversed on the back. This is how I did the Brigands and all my previous 1/72 knights and men at arms.

The idea is that things need to be coming from the same side from my point of view whether I look at his front or back. Also the main design stays above the belt and then whatever color is on the torso just extends down the skirts.

Fortunately I only have to fix that first, halved blue, knight and not all of them.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Everything's looking good so far Sean. I've been looking at historical livery colors for a box of Perry War of the Roses infantry, so I can sympathize with the heraldry headache!

    1. Hi Bill, thanks. I have a tendency to over think things, but this time it may have been helpful. I still need to look into the rabble to verify some things.

  2. These look fine to me - and I wouldn't get too hung up about the quartering on the horse barding.

    The things that wind me up about other people's painted heraldry are (1) use of "non-heraldic" colours or colour combinations, such as orange & purple or red & black. (2) Units of "uniform" knights with everyone in the same heraldry. Just about possible for the yeomen serving a major lord (maybe!), but completely silly for a bunch of nobles :-) .

    1. Thanks Hugh, that reminds me that I should look at your knights for ideas. Right now I'm just doing foot knights and simple divisions/ ordinaries, no symbols. The baron leading them is intended to be more complex. I have one horseman to do, if I can solve the stupid seam down the middle. I actually like red and black as a combo, but I see what you're saying.



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