Sunday, June 25, 2017

WFRP 2nd Edition - Terror in Talabheim (Massacre on the Wizards Way)

Hi All,

A little bit of game play that I missed while I was on vacation in early June.

Notes taken by B. Rees.

Modified and annotated by me where I don't fully understand what happened.

We'll start with the latest art by J. Brisken.

After fighting off the giant rats Vincent, Leopold and Sally meet up with Lukas and Genaro at the field hospital. The situation has become even more desperate. Sally looks for the head priestess and shares the sad news about Widdenhoff shared the information about Nierhaus. She knows who he is, a captain of the watch tower. As luck would have it the captain's daughter, Katerina, is a follower of Shallya and at the camp. She has been miraculously cured of the ague and views it as a curse upon the land.

The group heads up the Wizard's Way to the watch tower, but can't get an audience with Captain Nierhaus. A Sargent with an eye patch says Nierhaus will meet with them the next day but gives no further particulars. The group heads back to town, along the way they see a group of people jump into the river to try and board a passing boat. They are shot to keep them from getting on.

Back at the hospital Vincent and Sally tell the priestess of their lack of success getting to see Nierhaus. She tells them to be patient, but suggests they try and get Katerina to convince her father. Vincent tries talking to her, but she refuses to help, apparently misinterpreting Vincent's plea. Vincent then goes and speaks to a priest of Morr and tells him about a dream he has had. The priest says that Paul Von Sloeck, a seer of Morr has had the same dream. [What the dream was or its significance are not recorded in the notes.]

Back at the Ten Tailed Cat, the group sleeps in the stables as Genaro will not be let inside in his condition. They hear from the bartender that “Deadeye” is in Talabheim. [This is stated in the notes, I don't know what it means, our contact in the city?] All through the night we hear claws scraping on the roof and walls of the barn.

The next day Sally writes a note to Nierhaus asking for help and encloses the letter Nierhaus had written to Widdenhoff. The group heads back towards the Wizard's Way. They watch in horror ars over 400 Hochlanders storm the gates in despair and are mercilessly gunned down with musket and cannon. Leopold is the only one not affected by the carnage. Perhaps he is too familiar with death.

The group returns to the field hospital where the preistess seals Sally's letter and says she will pray for us. Sally and Vincent go up the Wizard's Way alone, the guards are tense, but the Sergant takes the letter to the Captain and they are let in. Nierhaus speaks to them at gun point, but they eventually gain his trust. He tells them to seek out Eladio the Estalian at the docks for passage into the city. Tell him “This must ride the Dragon's tongue.”

There you have it.

I'm behind on several reports, and let's not even talk about the zine. Sigh.

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