Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Last week's Challenge output

After all that whining my Goblins did make it up on the Challenge. Maybe my son is right about whining getting results. ;)

First off, here are the goblins:

You can read some particulars here.

What I'll add is that I gave them a heavy black wash, which really helped me identify detail and seemed to greatly lessen the problem of little bits of white showing at color transition areas.

I'm only realizing in the last few days that their skin color may be too close to how I'm doing my orcs. I had meant for them to lighter in complexion. At least lighter than the orcs.

For the Victorian theme one could say I stretched things a tad.

Great Uncle Thulu comes to us from Westwind Productions Empire of the Dead range.

I spared you the extra shots showing the missing right collar. I had to fill a void and re-sculpt the right side of his face, but I didn't notice the collar was also missing until I had started painting him. I couldn't let it be, so I super glued a piece of paper to make a new collar. If you really want to see how it turned out you can read about it here.

In this last shot you can also see the beans as cobblestones I tried to make. Looks like he's standing on weird boulders.

In local wildlife news, my neighbor's dog was attacked by a coyote this morning just before the Sun rose. It jumped the wall into his back yard. We still have a fair amount of open desert around here, even though it's pretty suburban.


  1. Great Little Goblins, I 've neevr seen the great Cthulu as classy as this. Great job here Sean.

    1. Thanks JB, more goblins on the way. I just lucked into finding the Victorian Gentleman Cthulhu.

  2. I think your Cthulu is wonderfully Victorian and the basing was inspired. Tragic news about the neighbour's dog too!

    1. Hi Michael, thanks. The background is also a gate at Buckingham palace, but I shot it with a very short depth of field. I'm hoping the dog will be okay. He was yapping and whining as they were loading him in the car to take him to the Vet. I didn't see the extent of his injuries but it sounds like they got out there before too much damage was done. My parents dog was attacked last year, over in California. That dog is larger, although still a small dog, and came away with teeth punctures in her back and rear. Coyotes don't look like much, but are a nasty business for most domesticated animals.

  3. Your Victorian Cthulu is something else Sean!

  4. I was about to comment "good-looking goblins", but then it occurred to me that this was probably an oxymoron. Still, I'm sure that you know what I mean!



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