Friday, January 9, 2015

Mounts & Riders Points, Chart updates and WFB Banner Links

Ok, so I'm still having trouble keeping my posts to one subject. I suppose that is a goal in progress.

Points for the Mounts & Riders Bonus round were awarded and, as predicted, I received 90 points for my efforts. I had no illusions about coming anywhere near the podium for this one. There was some fantastic work on display once again.

I've updated my challenge progress tally and am approaching my graph of average progress needed. I am, however, still behind by some 122 points of where I should be. I've also added a running total of the number of figures painted. It's 19 :(

I'm about to enter the six figures I got 80% done on Jan 2nd, but just couldn't push through to submit them. They're from a unit of 19 but I'll take some points instead of a big fat 0 like last week.

I now have about 32 hours to complete my "Victorian" themed entry. At least it's based and primed. :P

Lastly I've done some digging for banner templates and came up with some interesting links:

Making 40K Banners

From the Warp: Flesh Tearer banner bearer how to

Empire Banners

Have a good one.


  1. Fingers crossed for you and your Victorian Theme entry Sean. If its of any motivation for you, I sadly failed to get my mount/rider entry in last time, and have been haunted by it ever since. There's a load of good points to be had with a themed entry. Having said that I didn't submit it in time because I found myself not having fun painting it - which is the whole point of the Challenge imho. Either way, looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxkleric, these next boys should be up on ATosG within 24 hrs of posting to the challenge. I'm in that semi funk period of the challenge right now as well. It is hard to give up the bonus round points but sometimes you have to. In the end it's all about spurring yourself on to paint, and in that I am always successful. Of course I have low expectations.

  2. I didn't even have a Victorian figure to paint up yesterday, I mentioned it to Postie and he gave me a solitary 25mm figure, which I've half painted, I was only going to enter the bonus rounds with figures I need for my armies, but I'll make the exception with this one....I need the points!

    1. Hi Ray, for some of these themes it's impossible to stick with one specific era. I just lucked into finding a figure that suited my taste/ interest. The points are definitely hard to resist. I may have to forgo the Funny round as I don't have anything that screams funny and can't think of anything to do. Good luck on your Victorian figure.

  3. It must be very stressing to be in this challenge !
    I could not do that, I think ... Good luck !

    1. Hi Sam, it is and it isn't. There is no real need to go to the chart and daily average level. I am just a terrible procrastinator so I need these visual aids to prod myself into action. I should probably have set myself a lower target.



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