Saturday, January 3, 2015

More Splintered Light comparison shots

Happy New Year everyone. I had hoped to have a few more posts for you but the holiday travels left me tired and I just didn't have it in me.

One question that did come to me was a comparison of the Splintered Light 20mm figures with Zvezda English 100 Years War.

Fladnag, four English and the two SLM Bugbears
 In the above picture we have our friend Fladnag from the Caesar Adventurers set. The next four are the Zvezda 100 Years War English Infantry and then the SLM Bugbears. The Zvezda figures are a tad larger, but not horribly so. You may recall that I always thought the Bugbears should be bigger.

With SLM Lizard men
 The SLM Lizard men look small net to the Zvezda guys, maybe more like skinks in Warhammer.

Beastman and Minotaur.
 Again the SLM Beastmen are a little diminuative, but the Minotaur looks right.

SLM Goblins
 I'm not sure if this shot with the goblins are helpful, but I think they work.

With SLM Kobolds
 I really like these Kobold sculpts, a lot of character. Little and nasty looking.

Hill Giant from SLM 28mm Range.
 I got this 28mm Giant to use as a Troll for 1/72. I think he looks great but I will put him on a sheet metal base.

Caeser Goblins, SLM Goblins and Kobolds.
 Here's a comparison shot with the Caeser Goblins and the Splintered Light Goblins and Kobolds. A little smaller but you could put a layer of something between washer and integral base to match the thickness of the Caeser integral base. It doesn't really bother me.

Caesar Troll and SLM Hill Giant
I thought that this 28mm scale Hill Giant would make a good 1/72 Troll. I'll base him on my galvanized roofers tin, I think he'll look good.

Hope you found these comparison shots useful.


  1. Nice shots, Hill Giant is really impressive...

  2. I must admit they do look like lovely models.

    1. Hi Michael, yes another scale to be tempted by.

  3. Really thoughtful post, thanks Sean. Had my eye on SLM for a long time but never taken the plunge... yet. I must confess though that that Caesar Troll is awesome. I may need to hunt down that Adventurers set just for him.

    1. Hi Blaxkleric. The Caeser Adventurers set has some really nice figures in it.

  4. I feel a little like that Caesar Troll looks at the moment!!!

  5. Nice comparison shots - they giants are...well giants!

    1. Hi Dean, thanks. I was thinking that the SLM Giant might be smaller than the Caesar Troll, but no.

  6. Well, one thing about fantasy miniatures is that you can decide for yourself what is an appropriate size for a goblin, a lizardman, a troll :-) . Works for me!

    1. Hi Hugh, yes and you can allow for height variation as well. Thankfully I don't come across the same amount of "beardiness" in fantasy that one comes across in historicals.



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