Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Re-repair of Mr. UHF Antenna Staff

Since my post to he Analogue Hobbies Painting challenge hasn't gone through yet I'll show you my latest repair of Mr. UHF Antenna Staff.

The latest break had really compromised the white metal so that I was having an issue fitting things back together. I also didn't care for the glue selection so I had to go to the super market to find my preferred glue (Loctite Super Glue Gel). I had hoped to also find some plastic coffee stirrers to use as a sleeve to join the bits together, but no luck.

I ended up cutting a piece off a ball point pen ink tube. It was too large so I ended up cutting wedges from the ring and gluing them on.

I managed to somehow apply them and not glue my fingers together, but it was a major pain in the ass. It's gone from being a fairly slick repair to a total cluster pretty fast. Perhaps he knows an Ork with an ARC welder who did a quick repair for him out in the wasteland.

I hope to get some primer on him later today and maybe start painting him tomorrow.

I need to find something to wedge in my transport box to keep the figures immobilized.

Back to painting.


  1. Oh that's a nasty break, I hope it holds.

  2. A pair of splints cut from a paperclip and glued either side of the staff would maybe assist and hide the join, but if it hold as it is then the job's a good'un. These things have been sent to try us

    1. Thanks Zabadak, top tip. It seems fairly solid right now. My main concern is the trip home will not only re-break it but scratch all my paint jobs.

  3. Hey man love your work. Not trying to tell you your business but I really recommend snipping the top of the staff and cutting the remaining stick right at the top of the fist.
    1/32" drill bit into the banner top as deep as you can then put a drop of liquid green stuff and a drop of superglue on the end of a piece of brass rod.
    This will bond like cement, it will not break again.
    Cut the rod to length and pin deeply into the hand. It doesn't matter if it goes through the hand liquid green stuff is your friend. Again drop of liquid green stuff, superglue on the opposite end of the brass rod into the hand and let set for 6 hours.
    For added stability you can wrap the join above the hand with florist's wire, for aesthetics you could do it below the fist as well.
    I used this method for my massive BSB and it has been dropped and punted more than once and has not even bent.
    The real trick is making sure you drill once and your drill bit matches your rod perfectly or a little smaller so that friction will also hold the pin in place.
    Anyway that was long winded but your work is great and I'd hate for this figure to not receive the best job possible by your standards.
    Good luck dude.

    1. Thanks 24_Cigs, the tip is greatly appreciated. One of the problems is travelling and not having all the tools,glue, bits one would normally have. This is a make it work moment. We'll see if I can rescue it. In the future I'll try your method.



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