Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vermember entry, Diehard Kickstarter and Dragon Bait Indiegogo

Hi All,

A lot of stuff going on, I'll try to keep it to three topics only.


Over on The Bazaar of Crooked Wonders we had a Skaven painting challenge. I painted three.

I had originally thought I would do the Rat Ogre on the left then morphed it into the handler and other Rat Ogre as well.

As the month wore on, and little progress was being made, I thought about not finishing the second two. But it always seemed like there was time to add a color or layer while things were drying on the first one.

I found out this morning that I could only pick one as my entry, so I picked "Old Sword Hand". I felt like his colors just came out better overall. The first Rat Ogre seemed to have all the browns, tans and ochres just kind of run together. Even his eye doesn't look as red in the picture as it does in real life. Maybe I chose the wrong White balance. It also appears that the OSL and verdigris on the brassy bits was nearly obliterated by the final grunge wash. Again it's slightly more obvious on the actual model, but maybe I need to be a little more bold with OSL.

Thanks for looking at these.

Diehard Kickstarter:

Just under two days left. The Chaos sorcerer and Hill Giant (?) have been released. At the start of the campaign I was really hoping for Son of Slomm, but it looks like he may have to wait for Diehard II the Wrath of Slomm.

Pinched from RoC80's here.
Dragon Bait Indiegogo:

Some more cool figures. "I know Sean, blah, blah, blah buy more miniatures." But they are pretty cool and they've added a sculpt of a Witch for the Krakatoans which can be seen on Blue's blog here.

Off to do chores, paint that blasted banner, prep miniatures, and try to figure what else I need to order to get ready for the challenge.


  1. Lovely work Sean, Those mini's look dam nice especially the two headed giant.

    1. Thanks Simon. To be clear the Diehard miniatures were not painted by me. They are from an interview with Tim Prow on the Realm of Chaos 80's blog. That being said, Son of Slomm (the two dog headed giant) is the driving force behind my interest in the project.



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