Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Progress on tweaking Flipcard

Works in IE8
Well I've made some progress after banging my head against a wall for a few hours today.

Turns out that there may be an issue with the "Apply to Blog" button not working in Chrome. I found a thread from 12/17/12 on Google Groups here. The fix for me was to do it in Internet Explorer (IE). I happen to have IE8 on my laptop, I think the up to date version is 10.

As you can see I was able to add a background, header image and change the title, description and post title fonts. I also changed the color scheme.

I still haven't fixed the page or gadget issue, but I'm slightly more hopeful. It seems as if I'm going to have to make a new banner because I tried to reposition the title and description but that didn't seem to work.

Let me know if there are any viewing or ledgibility issues because, ultimately I want it to be easy to read and find what you want to read. My bizarre artistic urges and questionable design choices take a back seat to the core mission of the blog, which is to share information.

ANd any questions just let me know.


  1. Its look good Sean keep up the good work!

  2. It looks good and readable. For some reason, the sub-title ("Another blog...") appears right after the title instead of below it as I would expect.

    It's funny to think that Blogger's interface doesn't work in Chrome...



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