Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New look, but it is irritating me

So, as threatened I've switched to the Flipcard page style. Two things are immediately bugging the crap out of me. Contrary to the template designer giving you the option of having a background and adding your own CSS, blogger doesn't seem to accept my changes and leaves me with this drab gray bullshit. Also my side bar does not show all my gadgets which now includes my pages, which I would like to have in the header bar. Sort of like The Wargaming Site.

I've stared at code, comparing my site to Phil's and I can't see the difference at the moment. I may just have to drop him an email to ask how he did it. I suppose that waking up at 1:45 AM may be imparing my ability to understand what I need to do right now. I've also looked at Bloggers help and it is not really helpful, especially with Dynamic views. The one thing I did learn though is that they claim you page views are more "accurate" with flip card as each post now gets tracked as a page view if it is opened. Before people could scroll down and read all they want as one page view. So I'm not sure if it's more accurate or dirty pool, but I'm committed to trying it out for at least three months.

Any how, I'll post the link to the article for adding a header image to dynamic views here. It seems like it should work but, much like the background image, blogger doesn't seem to remember my changes when it is live.


  1. I had a bit of a try-out of my blog two or three days ago with various formats including this flip-card one. I think there are one or two other designs I'd prefer (Magazine, and there are a couple more rather similar to flip card but more dynamic looking) but in many ways they are more interesting and accessible than the classic format most of us use.

    But although the concept is attractive, I really wanted to retain my banner in some form - even reduced. The designers might want to revisit the gadgets to make them a bit more appealing, although their presence at all is an improvement upon the situation several months ago when I looked into this. The gadgets completely disappeared!

    The upside - a very strong upside - is that so much more of your back articles is made easily accessible to the reader

    Having a bit of a play around led me back to the simple classic format, and a customised background depicting part of my Hildberghausen Infantry regiment on the march...


    1. I agree Ion, for better or worse, I wanted to use my banner. I thought I found a work around but it hasn't worked yet. I would like, at the very least, to have all my gadgets and pages show. That is the most frustrating. The pages show in the mobile version, but even fewer gadgets do. What is particularly irritating is that there is no reference material or tutorial. Just give me the resources to work through it myself and I will.

  2. Its really hard to view on my PC. Good on the ipad.

    1. Hi Beccas, sorry it's hard to view on the PC what browser are you using? I'm glad it works okay on iPad. Let me know if it's too horrible to read, I don't want to run anyone off.



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