Friday, January 18, 2013

Gaming with Cards - Part 1

Just to get it out of the way:

Okay, Bob Cordery has been having some nice battles with his Portable Wargame rules fighting an Imagi-nation civil war in Rusland which can be read here and here. Aside from the game itself being interesting he made use of some game tiles that had card faces on them to help with solo play.

The post where he came up with these tiles can be read here and his addendum to the rules for using said tiles here. Now this immediately reminded me of some rules that I had come across on the internet, but could not quite remember where from. Since my computer is about as organized as my workbench it took me some time to slog through all the random downloads, but I finally came across it. The rules were Paper Tigers, available for free from Paper Tiger Armaments, here.

While I don't see how they would work at present with the Portable Wargame, I thought they were interesting in that they made a distinction between prioritizing movement or firing based on card color. Then you had to beat the card score using either 2 or 3 d6 based on the priority of the action. Seemed very interesting.

I'd like to try this mechanic but I don't have any card tiles, yet. In part 2 I hope to present my home made card tiles for your perusal.

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