Saturday, December 24, 2011

Zombies!!! again.

Got a chance to play Zombies!!! again, this time with my brother as well as the kids. The mechanics are pretty simple, but having another adult there helped to smooth things out. I forgot steps a whole lot less this time around.

As per last time I only took a picture of the endgame (sorry for the crap pic, it's from my cellphone).

Final positions. Light green at top (me), blue near top (my daughter), red near bottom right (my son), black near bottom right (my brother). So the game went similarly to the previous. My daughter puttered around killing zombies with no discernable plan. My son similar but once the Lawn & Garden center was revealed he went there as he had the Chainsaw card. My brother went towards the bottom and right and had some success killing zombies. I headed up to the Police station at top left, where after initial success I rolled a series of one's and was overwhelmed by zombies. So after losing half my kills and being thrown back to the town square I moved to the Fire Sation (top center) which had been cleared of zombies by my son, to try and get some extra lives to the max of 5. That's when the helicopter pad came into play and it was up to me, with the lowest kill total to place it. As you can see I placed it farthest from me but at the time it was also farthest from everyone else. (Although perhaps I should have played it on the extreme left). My brother seemed poised for the win. My daughter ambled back to where you see her near the town square and I proceeded to roll one's for movement, shuffling along like a zombie, it seemed all too familiar. So the action came down to my son and brother. My son had "The keys are still in it!" card which gives you a move of ten spaces. He started in the Lawn & Garden Center at the top right and stormed down the boulevard to where you see him. My brother played the "We're Screwed!" card and placed 10 zombies directly in my son's path down the street. Now normally one would think he might be upset at being blocked from the goal of the heli-pad, but he loves killing zombies so much he was happy to wade through them. Sure enough he rolled mostly fives and cleared the street. In retrospect my son should have also played his "Chainsaw" card but it made little difference. It was at this point we realized that my son had killed 25 zombies and won the game.

Good fun but I sense a pattern here for my performance.

Well we're baking and preparing for Christmas with the in-laws tomorrow and hopefully getting in some Warrior Heroes from THW today.

Oh! The big green space man is Major Tom. My son thought he should be on the board.


  1. Looks like a great game! I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!



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