Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, despite not really posting much I have made it to 1500 views. So here is an image of a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the map of Middle Earth. I think this would drive one insane faster than painting 2mm figures.

Unfortunately, what with the Holidays and all, gaming has been zero. For some reason I have been husbanding my posts (or post ideas) and then not committing them them to the blog. Bad blogmanship. Or is that bloggering?

So my immediate plan is to take some Two Hour Wargames stuff and try to press my brother into service. My folks still have all my old Army Men so they can be pressed into service like the old days, German paratroopers for Orcs etc.

I have a lot of notes for a Talomir campaign and am planning to do a combined RRtK (Rally Round the King)/ WHAA (Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures) campaign following the exploits of a dispossessed (wouldn't you know there were five s' in that) Mirholme (read Viking) noble. Most of this is not really my idea but following the lead of Ruaridh over at Talomir Tales.

Also plenty of reading to do on all those THW titles I purchased.

Oh yeah, I'm also coming up on 6 months since I started this thing and so would be eligible to list to Table Top Gaming News Blog Network. Which is of course where I first got sucked into reading blogs. Actually that isn't wholly true. I think the one that started it all for me was An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields.



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