Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The greatest quote never said.

After my last post and musing on the term bloggering I thought I'd do a search for a family favorite quote about the traditions of the Royal Navy. What I found here surprised me. To quote the article "According to Montague-Browne, Churchill responded: “I never said it. I wish I had.”"

I could not however resist adding a subtitle to my blog. I must say my Rum consumption is down but that can change.

Anyhow I've contacted my brother and he is up for some serious gaming, so I should have something to share from the holidays.

And a hearty welcome to Tim (the Enchanter?) of Fidus et Audax (sorry to include you in the post about bloggery). He is a fellow 1/72nder and is a quite good painter.

Off to finish some chores and teach my last class of the year.


  1. Definitely puts a different slant on it.....

  2. TBH, I've never heard that quote from Churchill until now.



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