Saturday, July 14, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 245 - Team Terra, Galactic Police

Hi All,

After seeing Mario's post I realized I had forgotten to share this weeks painting progress with you.

These are mostly Foundry old Rogue Trader sculpts. On the right you can see my Hero Forge Shadow Run inspired Half Orc Street Samurai, a Judge Dredd Psy Judge and Psycho Sam, who I named Dahn Alt Rump. He's there as a color guide. As you can see we have a Red, White and Blue theme going on. Their job is to find Xeno scum and eliminate them. They're not very nice.

In the close up it may be hard to tell, but the photo is taken on my new gamecraft paint tray with the led attachment light providing the lighting. I adjusted levels in Snapseed, but it came out pretty well.

Not too much else to report. I'm finally clearing out my garage, so hopefully I'll be able to have more game reports from home soon. Amongst the finds? 3.5 computer disks, piles of old power supplies and computer cables and an emerging termite nest that was boring up through a crack in the concrete into a box of books.

Still a lot of work to go, but I feel pretty good about getting over the inertia that comes with looking at a big room full of junk and not knowing where to begin.

Any way, thanks for looking and commenting.

Happy painting.


  1. Some very nice miniatures Sean & excellent paint job so far !
    I'm looking forward to the finished ones as your color guide on the right looks awesome !

    1. Thanks Mario. I think I used mostly craft paint to paint Dahn. I think the Reaper paints I pulled out are pretty close.

  2. Theu look like a lot of fun Sean.

    1. Thank you Michael. These figures have a high silly factor to me.

  3. That's a great choice of colours for the Empirical Absolution Squad.

    Advice from the future, cos I've painted one of these – the sculplting on the helmet is rather plain. A vertical stripe will work a treat to add visual interest.

    1. Thanks Curis, that's good advice. I'm getting bogged down in choices around the leaders shoulders, cape and helmet. I want to do gold, but I was also intending to do the Astronaut helmet gold. It may be too much. The general theme is to have hair/headgear be white.



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