Sunday, July 22, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 246 - Cyclops and Cabinets

Hi All,

Very little painting progress as I wrestled with installing some cabinets and a workbench in my garage.

The Cyclops got a couple of base coats of Reaper Tanned Shadow. It was a relatively easy and mindless thing to do while we watched Post Nuclear Holocaust themed movies. Team Terra is giving me pause for color choices, mostly the diminutive leader. There is a lot going on around his head and neck.

The cabinets I ordered, that came early and I had to leave my son at swim lessons while I raced home to receive the palette. Never fails. Mostly level and square. I also finally put the insulation in the metal garage door. Now all I need is some more lighting, a portable A/C unit and some shelves to help me organize all the junk still in the garage.

Still quite a bit of sorting and cleaning to do. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy hobbying to you.


  1. Great progress Sean ! I can't wait to see your giant finished !
    Good luck with the rest of the sorting & cleaning.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael. I think this plastic toy was a good buy.

  3. Nice hobby area coming along there

    1. Thanks Anthony, still a lot of work to do.

  4. Wow, those cabinets look great! Portable AC certainly seems like a must this time of year though.

    1. Hi Lasgunpacker. Yes the garage has vents to the outside for the hot water heater, so it is hot and or cold depending on the time of year. We are also in a heat advisory this week. I think today's high is going to be 115F. I'm going to work on installing the A/C this morning. Otherwise it's another sauna day for me in there.



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