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WFRP 2nd Ed - Rough Night at the Three Feathers (part 2)

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Next installment, the conclusion of the scenario.

First, here's a picture of Lukas and Leopold preparing to righteously murder some cultists. "For Sigmar!"

Rough Night at the Three Feathers (part 2)

The situation is dire, it is half an hour after midnight and Vincent is in serious trouble. His knife has been found stuck in the back of Bruno Franke, champion of the Countess Marie Ulrich Von Liebowitz. She is cousin to the Countess Emmanuelle Von Liebowitz, Elector of Wissenland.

Lukas has been locked in Bruno's room and the rest of the group are returned to Vincent and Leopold's room and placed under guard. Sally, Vincent and Leopold try to formulate some kind of story that will save Vincent's life and who could have possibly taken Vincent's dagger. We all decide that it must have been stolen from his room during the brawl when everyone was occupied elsewhere. The plan is to tell the countess that the scribe had hired us to investigate the nature of the gentlemen following the Countesses' caravan. We discovered they were cultists, and brought them to the Emperor's justice without hesitation.

At 1AM a servant comes and takes us, under guard, back to the Countess' room. Her room is luxurious, soft bed, over stuffed chairs, wine and dresses hang all around. She invites the group to make themselves comfortable. Lukas is there. She apologizes for having to lock us up but says she had to make it look like we were being held responsible for the death of Bruno. She acknowledges that no one would be stupid enough to leave their own dagger at the scene of a murder. She feels that it is all the work of Dammenblatz. She is on her way to Kemperbad to have her champion fight to prove her innocence in the death of Dammenblatz's father. The father drowned in a bowl of punch at her party, but Dammenblatz has accused her of witchcraft, a very serious offense. She believes that Dammenblatz's agent will now try to assassinate her new champion, Lukas. “You will spend the night in Bruno's room to lure out the murderer,” says the Countess. Vincent asks “Do you think the people who did this are members of a cult?” She thinks not.

Each member of the group is allowed one weapon and one other item, the weapons must be small and able to be used in the confines of the room. Lukas and Vincent take their daggers and armor. Leopold takes his trusty club and armor, while Sally takes his skillet and shot sword. Genaro takes his club. The plan is for Lukas to pretend to seep in bed while the rest of the group hide around the darkened room and wait for the assassin. Lukas is in bed, Sally is underneath the bed, Genaro hides near the fire place while Vincent and Leopold hide on either side of the door.

The waiting seems eternal. The stress of the long day and night starts to wear on our adventurers and Lukas and Genaro fall asleep. After about 20 minutes Lukas and Leopold hear a strange sound. It seems to be coming from the walls. We then pinpoint it. It is the fire place! Lukas, Leopold, Vincent and Sally then see a dark figure emerge from the fireplace and move effortlessly through the room in the darkness. They obviously know the layout of the room.

The group springs into action, Lukas starts to get up and Sally crawls from under the bed. Leopold raises his club overhead and shouts “In the name of Sigmar and the Countess!” As the person turns and tries to run back to the fireplace, Vincent opens the door and lets in light from the hall. The assassin is dressed as a servant of the Three Feathers! Genaro awakens and tries to tackle the murderer. He has a loose grip on him but the assassin is pulling away. Leopold attempts to help Genaro but trips over an ottoman. The assassin shakes Genaro off and narrowly escapes a blow as Sally's skillet clangs of the fireplace masonry. Lukas untangles himself from the bed sheets and flies head long into the attacker. He is knocked down but begins scrabbling up the chimney. With one last gasp Lukas makes a final lunge, grasping the assassin by the leg and wrenching him back into the room. The perpetrator has been caught and the guards rush in and restrain him. We are allowed to go back to our rooms and rest.
At 4:30AM we are all gathered into the great room by the Countess. The assassin is bound and gagged and everyone except for the Priests of Morr and the bounty hunter woman are there. The innkeeper looks angry and in disbelief. There is a cry from upstairs and the servant rushes back down. The Priests of Morr are all dead and there is a headless corpse in the coffin in their room. It is noted that the woman was seen riding away at speed about a half an hour ago.

The Countess says “The assassin was hired by Dammenblatz, and he will hang for this murder! Hand him over to the Road Warden. You may all return to your rooms. I will continue on my way to Kemperbad.” She offers Lukas the job of being her champion, but he respectfully declines. Vincent goes up to the room where the Priests of Morr were staying to help clean up and administer last rights. The Carnage in the room is terrible, the bodies appear to have been rent by some kind of beast. The bodies are buried correctly.

We have an early breakfast and all our possessions are returned to us. In addition to the money we earned from the scribe, the Countess gives us each 50 gold crowns. She says to look her up if we are ever in Nuln. Vincent tells her his real name, hoping that she will speak on his behalf should the unpleasantness in Nuln ever catch up with him.

Olesia greets us at the carraige. “Ready to continue? It is only a few days to Talabheim.” It is a beautiful day, but we are all tired from our long night. Before the rocking of the carriage lulls us to sleep, Vincent recalls that Talabheim has many laws, tolls and taxes. He hopes that the Countess' gift will be enough to get us around the city.

We will always remember our night at the Three Feathers!

(Thus ends my stint as note taker.)

I also keep on forgetting to welcome new followers. Michał Górzański is our GM for these sessions and runs the blog It Always Rains in Nuln. I don't know who sprinks is and I believe I know Phil Otep from the G+ group 1/72-20mm fantasy minis for rpg. If you have a blog or website please let me know and I'll link to it.


  1. I have really enjoyed this Sean. What a jaunt down memory lane, thank you

    1. You're welcome dGG, the game has been a lot of fun and I enjoy sharing it with the community at large.

  2. This is tickling my need to do some RPing, thank you for the inspiration!

    1. That's great Stevo. Maybe you can convince Tom and GB?

  3. Very honored that you're posting these reports here, on your blog. I love reading them and it's always great to see my players enjoying the game. Great work!

    1. No problem Xathrodox86, I'm glad I was able to join the group and get back to role playing. It's been a lot of fun.

  4. Hmm, seems that the party got off lightly, I think :-) . Had I been a magistrate in that district then I think that *everyone* in the inn would have been detained for questioning.

  5. Hi Sean, I just read your post. I am Phil Otep you mentioned, and yes I sometimes publish pictures on 1/72-20 mm fantasy minis for rpg.
    And yes I have a blog:
    I would be very proud to have a Link from your blog :)
    Sprinks is another 1/72 minis blogger, and a good rhymer :)
    His blog is:

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for the links. I'll put you guys in my feed reader etc. I think I nee to reorganize my blogroll, I don't think I've updated it in awhile.

    2. Hi Sean, very kind of you, thanks for answering so fast :)



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