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WFRP 2nd Ed - Dreams of Araby

Hi All,

We just had a quick trip up to Northern Arizona and saw Rattlesnake and Upper Antelope Canyons, Horseshoe Bend and the Dinosaur Tracks. A fun little trip around Page Arizona.

I've got a lot of hobby in the pipeline, but for now I'll leave you with the brief episode we had for WFRP after our session got screwed up by Daylight Savings time.

The following was written by our current note taker, Andrew, fellow Oldhammerer and author of the blog Acceptable Radiation.

Dreams of Araby

The whole trip was supposed to take only a few days, yet about two weeks north of the Three Feathers, the coach was still trudging on to Talabheim. The coach slowly comes to a stop and Alysia knocks on the coach door. “There is a tree in the road. I am going to attempt to take a path around it. Have your weapons ready,” she says in her gruff Kislevite accent. Vincent decides to ride atop the coach in case of trouble. As the coach rolls along the path, a field of black flowers appear. Suddenly, Alysia shouts “Black Lotus, cover your mouths!” She quickly wraps her face in cloth soaked with Kislivite Vodka. The party, however, is not so fast and quickly falls into a gentle slumber.

When the party awakes, it is oppressively hot. They are in a home, but everything seems foreign. The smell of spices is in the air and voices can be heard outside, but not in any language familiar to them. Alysia is not present, either. Vincent pulls back the sheet covering the window and is hit by even more heat. Everything outside is exotic. The people have an olive complexion, their clothing is bright and colorful but also long and loose, and in the distance was a giant dome of, what appeared to be, solid gold. 

Lukas, being the least used to dealing with heat, begins to drink water from the pitchers laid out on the room’s small table. He immediately feels refreshed. The rest of the party follows suit. Sally notices the smell of salt in the air, indicating that they may be near the sea. It is agreed that they will search for a merchant that may speak Reikspiel, when Leopold remarks that such “would be the best course of action if this is real.” 

From behind them, they hear “It is not real.” When they turn around, they see an elf. He is dressed almost as colorful as the locals. The elf explains to the party that this is a dream and he was consumed by it as well. The elf explains that we are currently in Lashiek, the capital of Araby and warns the party that “if anyone dies, we might all die.” He also notes, in a surprisingly causal manner, that if he could find the dream, demons from the warp may also be able to find the dream. 
Upon hearing this, Vincent immediately leaves house in search of a solution. To everyone’s surprise, as he leaves, he simultaneously enters the home in a single, fluid motion. This appears to interest the elf, who announces that it must be a time loop. Without a clear direction the dream will not let anyone do anything. At this point, Lukas suggests that the giant dome of gold must be the key as it is too conspicuously large to be anything else. This time, when the party leaves, it works. The elf gives each member of the party a talisman that, he says, will allow them to communicate with the Arabians.
As they approach the dome, the party is approached by a group of men that are clearly palace guards. The guard with the finest clothing and most impressive mustache approaches the party and exclaims that they have been looking all over for them, but inquires as to the location of their instruments. Upon seeing blank looks in response, he remarks something about northerners always drinking too much. The elf is nowhere to be seen.

The guards escort the party to their room and tell them that they will be expected to perform in one hour and they should clean up. He also makes it clear that if they fail to entertain the Sultan Jafar, it would be hazardous to their health. When the party enters the room, the elf is already there. He states that it appears that no one can see him. 

Lukas sees the instruments and picks up a harp. Knowing that it is a dream, he concentrates on believing he can play. Sadly, he fails miserably. At this point, Lukas decides that if he’s going to die, he’s going to die clean and bathes with the provided cleaning supplies. The rest of the party also bathes. When finished, they dress themselves in sets of fine Arabian clothing that was provided. After cleaning himself Lukas tries to play the harp again, and again, fails. Suddenly, Leopold suggests that everyone should try every instrument. This works, everyone seems to find an instrument they can play. 
However, the party still cannot play well. The elf suggests that maybe the party should choose a song to play together. Vincent sees a chest and Leopold opens it. Inside, they find some imperial clothing, bottles of wine, and, most importantly, sheet music. Vincent concentrates on the paper and realizes he can read it. Eventually the rest of the party is able to do the same. They pick a song dedicated to Manann. After three or four tries, the party is playing pretty well.

Suddenly, they hear a knock on the door. The guards inform them it is time to perform. After being led through the palace, the party enters a grand hall. Inside are people from all over the known world, not just Araby. However, the party notices that the imperial clothing is a bit outdated, and the elf realizes that we are not in the present time. One of the guards informs the party that if they perform well, this could help with relations between the two nations as they are led onto the stage.

A man walks out to introduce the party after spending many minutes pontificating on the perfection of Sultan Jafar. Afterwards, the party begins to play, to the delight of everyone. After their performance, the Sultan is clearly pleased. Servants bring two chests full of gold as payment. However, just as the party bows in thanks to the Sultan, they wake up in the coach. However, they find they are wearing fine Arabian clothes and have a talisman in their pockets…

XP Awards

Sally = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 15 (religion) +10 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 0 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers) + 5 (race)
Lukas = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 15 (religion) +15 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 10 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers)
Vincent = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 20 (religion) +10 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 5 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers) + 5 (arm wrestling)
Leopold = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 15 (religion) +15 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 5 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers) + 30 (record keeping)

So hopefully I'll have my trip pictures processed soon and maybe a snap shot of the table for Paint Table Saturday 176 (?) tomorrow.

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